Blown by the East Wind

Just as Mary Poppins, travelling by umbrella by the East Wind to the Banks’ house on number 17, Cherry Tree Lane, my Windward has jumped off the needles and are now resting cosily around my neck.


Windward is designed by Heidi Kirrmaier and knit in Ullgarn extra 1 from Yllet, colorway 165 Malört (sage brush).


Windward is truly windward, made out of what looks like a number of irregular squares, triangles and parallelogram.


I really love how cleverly the different “parts” work together and how it looks like you made the shawl out of pieces that you later put together, when you know that it’s all in one clever piece.

I love that the shawl is wider in the middle and thiner near the ends to make it warm your neck (I especially love that part, or rather, my neck does) without it being too much shawl hanging down your front.


We’re going to have a great time, Windward and me. At least till the West Wind carries it away.