Finish line

There is something tremedously satisfactory about finishing a project. It’s closure, it’s done and finished and it’s another thing cross out on the mental list of knitting projects. It also means a that something new can come up on the needles, the possibilities are unlimited, the world is my oyster, I can do whatever I want.

It’s especially satisfactory when the finished project is something that I’ve had a deadline on and all I ever want is to finish so I can start something new. When a project just repeats itself in what feels like forever and then all of a sudden I can see the finish line ahead, that’s something. When I sense that I’m almost there it takes a lot to stop me from knitting till it’s completely done. I knit past bed time, I knit regardless of committments I’ve made, I knit and knit till I have cast off, then I can stop. Or rather, I need to cast on a new project as soon as possible unless I already have something, since it feels very weird to be between projects, completely projectless.

Today I finished two projects and in the evening I took my new Windward out for a walk. We both enjoyed it very much and I’m very pleased with it. More pictures will come.

Now, what to cast on?