Babies grow

I guess this doesn’t really come as a surprise for me but I just hadn’t thought of it. Babies grow. I’m not talking about the way they double their birth weight in no time and that a sweater for a newborn will not work on a six months old baby who has just started to eat real food. Those ways of growing I know and I plan for them.

No, what I mean is that babies kind of stop being babies eventually. All of a sudden they are eleven months old and they have a birthday coming up. And then there is Christmas. And now they are so big that it’s close to impossible to conjure a sweater in two days unless you already have the yarn and the pattern, an easy pattern, stay indoors all day, turn off your phone and stay off the internet. Nope, now you need to plan ahead.


How could I not realize this, you ask? Well, I’ve been so stuck with the idea that this year I’m knitting four baby sweaters that I kind of forgot that next year I’ll be knitting four toddler sweaters plus an unknown number of baby sweaters depending on how many babies will arrive next year. And then I’ve not even started to count the babies from last year.

Five years ago I didn’t know a single baby and was seeking opportunities to knit a baby sweater. Now there are ten kids under the age of four in my closest proximity and they grow like weed. I love them all very much and I’m happy to knit for them, I just need to remember to plan ahead. Babies grow.