What parents want


These are the fruit of tonight’s ambitions. Somewhat healthy chocolate and ginger muffins (or, at least they were supposed to contain ginger, I accidently bought a very ginger-looking potato instead. No, I didn’t put potato in my muffins). I’m meeting a baby tomorrow and since I believe that a family with a baby has enough to do already and is sleep deprived as it is, I don’t want to force yet another stone to their burden and will therefore bring coffee bread. Hopefully I can give the parents a few moments of peace to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee and a muffin while I hold the baby (you see how this works out great for everyone, parents get coffee, I get to hold baby).

I really hope these muffins taste good though since I changed the recipe due to allergies and then there was that ginger accident, even though I hope I solved the potato problem with a substitute for fresh ginger. Well, no matter the state of the muffins, at least there will be coffee and opportunity to drink it.