In the spring time

Happy May everyone!

The spring cleaning is a well-known concept. Everyone wants to be prepared for the lovely summer. My picture of a true spring cleaning involves window cleaning and carpet beating. I have neither cleaned any windows nor bate any carpets but I have in my own way put at least two of my ducks in a row (and yes, they were big ducks).

There is finally some sun outside and I have seen signs that the foliation is not far away. Some people celebrated Last of April by going rafting.


Not me. I took a deep look into my knitting basket and started a spring cleaning of my own. Luckily, that kind of cleaning is portable so while I listened to a choir in the Assembly Hall singing all the lovely spring songs such as Glad såsom fågeln, I made good progress on a sleeve at the same time.

These last few days I have drawn a chart, swatched, knit half a body and two sleeves in deep non-spring colored red yarn and now, as the first day of the month May goes towards it’s end, all the parts are blocking and I can indulge in some lime green or sky blue yarn.

That was my first duck, neatly put in front of the other duck, my bike Pauline, who has now woken up from her hibernation. She has fresh air in her tires, she is dolled up and and is looking forward to the adventures of summer. Pauline has had some trouble with her gears, in a way that made me scared of using her, and no matter how I’ve tried to fix it I’ve come out of it empty handed.

Today and put my best men on the job and even though the problem is not fixed, there is now some method in the gear madness which makes it much easier to work around.

So, spring is here and my ducks are fine. Have a lovely time!