Guerilla Art

Today I was walking around town to look at the almost overflowed river in my city. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much water in the river. The little sweet waterfall is now more resembling a rapid and the brown water looks like taffy. There is so much water that an open-air restaurant is flooded. I guess we won’t sit there any time soon.


It would be impossible to go under the bridge unless you’re a duck. There is a raft race in my town every year at 10 am on Last of April (it’s a concept) and if this flood continues, the rafts will have to be very flat.

Note the trash can to the right in the picture, it’s in water. If you look closely you can se there is a small wooden pier in the bottom of the picture. It’s also covered in water. Usually, you can sit on it and dangle your legs over the edge without sticking your feet in the water. I’m just saying.

But things hidden in water wasn’t the only thing I found on my walk.
Knitted guerilla art! Right there by the river, on the bridge railing.
What more could one wish for?