Between broccoli and cables

Before the whole Color Affection debacle last week, I finished two baby cardigans. I’m in that age where you never know when a baby cardigan can come in handy, only this year there will be four babies in my immeadiate surroundings. Fortunately I really enjoy knitting clothes for babies.

1. They are fast.
2. Almost no matter what you do, they are cute.
3. If they don’t turn out perfect it’s ok, the recipient will only be able to wear it for a few months weeks and her/him will throw up on them regardless of whether they’re pretty or not.
4. Baby clothes are very good when you want to experiment, which I sometimes want.
5. You get to work with the softest yarn possible and since you don’t use that much, you can most often afford it.

On Good Friday, a day I thought perfect for rearranging the stash, I got an overwelming urge to cast on something new. Good Friday is not a day when the yarn store is open so this is one of the reasons one should have a stash. The perfect small project, I thought, and picked a yarn in a color, or rather dye lot since I’ve seen that same color elswehere and it was gorgeous, I wasn’t particularly thrilled with (though remember number 3 above), but the yarn in itself is wonderful, so soft to work with I wish I was the baby who get to wear it. (Yes, I might be a little obsessed with this yarn. No, I don’t regard that as a problem.)

Snooze, you lose, I thought and cast on. I knit the entire evening. I knit at Easter lunch at my mother’s. I continued to knit back home and 30 hours later I pinned a baby cardigan down to block. I’m still not thrilled with the color, it looks like broccoli but it’s oh, so soft.

This is the Maile Sweater by  Nikki Van De Car knit in Malabrigo Yarn Sock, color 809 Solis. The only modification is that I knit the sleeves in the round instead of back and forth.


The color is way too busy to make the maile pattern justice, again broccoli springs to mind but that’s not bad either.

I liked this pattern so much I decided to play a little with it, plus it gave me an excuse, not that I need one, to knit some more with this yarn.

The yarn is still Malabrigo Yarn Sock, color 800 Tiziano Red.


I adore this cardigan and I marvel at the pictures. I’ve done everything the same as the last cardigan except I changed the lace over the sleeves to cables, and shortened the neck by four rows. There is also only two buttonholes since I only had two flower buttons and they were too perfect not to use.

I just love how the cables on each sleeve sort of meet in the middle. That was accidental but turned out great.

A huge thank you to Emelie for the buttons on both cardigans!

I’m thinking of knitting a blue one as well. And I’m thinking clouds. Somehow.