In the hands of a non-knitter

Last week I told you about how my darlings where going to a photo studio without me. They happily returned safe and sound, they had not been put on the floor, no one had hung them on a nail in a way to make hole and all in all they were very well treated.

Last night I got to see some of the pictures. They were very pretty indeed. Much better than I myself can create, but then I don’t really have a studio either. Proudly the photographer showed me picture after picture and I praised accordingly. The photographer had really tried to show off details I had invented myself and pretty buttons and lace patterns.

Then the photographer showed me this, the master piece of the knitwear in the studio.Picture-19

“How pretty!” I thought. More pictures came

But wait, there is something odd…

Yes, my lovely photographer and also non-knitter, who proudly showed me pictures, has put the shawl wrong side up. How I laughed!

It’s still pretty, and the pictures are lovely, but not really what I had imagined.
This is the wrong side of Cindy Garland’s Misty Meadow Shawl. The yarn is Cascade  220 Fingering from Cascade Yarns in color 8910 Citron and 9487 Puget Sound.

The shawl is lovely, pictures of its right side will show up eventually.