I thought my mood would cheer up as soon as the impossible yarn was back in the drawer and I had cast on something new. That prooved harder than I thought. I was absent minded during dinner, only thinking of my knitting and what I would do and it felt like everything was working against me. (Is there a Yarn Union who gang up against you when you are unfriendly to one of their fellow yarns? Well, this is what I want to say to them, that yarn was very unfriendly to me too!)

First of all, there was absolutely nothing to find in the stash. Nothing! That is not true but I wanted spring colors, and I only found a lot of yellow, orange and red, and even though I found a great pattern to replace Color Affection (it’s not the pattern’s fault, it’s just, I need a break) I just couldn’t find enough of the right color in the stash to make it.

The grumpiness followed me during the night, I even dreamt of knitting and how I needed a new project. The next day I realized that a trip to my LYS, local yarn store, prooved absolutely necessary, and fast. I was polluting the ambiance for people around me. I had a plan for the yarn store and then that too was working against me. I was looking for some Malabrigo in a perfect color but I needed two skeins and they only had one. (I bought it anyway, just in case, of course.) I wandered around the yarn store, contemplating, got weird smiles, that probably were supposed to be flirty, from tired spouses who didn’t want to be in a yarn store at all, I changed my mind, then changed it again, climbed ladders and compared yarn and eventually I saw it. My yarn.

That was good progress on releasing me from my bad mood but it wasn’t untill this
(Manos silk blend fino, color 2370 Steel) had become this


and this
(Ullgarn Extra 1, color 165 Malört) had transformed into this
and then later into this
That’s the start of what I hope will turn out a delicious example of Heidi Kirrmeier’s Windward. For some reason I think that greyish blue is a spring color this year but I just wasn’t ready for green yet. The memory is still fresh.

(So far it seems like the Ullgarn either didn’t get the memo from the Yarn Union, or it’s a blackleg. Or, and this makes me shiver, it’s cradling me into a false saftyhood, ready to strike when I’m all happy with my work and then show it’s true colors. Gaah!)

And finally, my mood was back when this
had become this

Have a lovely Sunday!