Color infected

I’ve been grumpy all day. It took me a while to realize why. I’m well feed, I slept tolerably well tonight and I went swimming this morning. I didn’t have any apointmenst after work and I really enjoy when I’m able to go straight home from work. Still, there was something was chafing.

Then it hit me. Me and the Color Affection are having serious issues and I’m very, very disappointed. It’s the colors that won’t go together and one would think that’s kind of the point with a project called Color Affection. Right now there is nothing affectionate about this shawl.

While the yellow and lighter green worked tolerably well together and resembled a birch forest in the spring, it looked like something very nasty that you find hidden in your fridge way too late, when I added the darker green. The yellow and the darker green don’t work together at all. It’s as if the yellow turned the color of snot when in immediate contact with the darker green, and the darker green looked a lot like those things that stick under wooden boats when they’re in contact with water for a while.

I would have thought that those two would have sorted out their issues since I bought the yarn last summer and they’ve been stashed together since but I realize now that that was just a scheme. They looked so innocent in the drawer but in reality the only thing to stop a fullblown war has been the lighter green. What a mediator!

I’ve done the only resonable thing when you have two skeins who can’t work out their issues. I’ve separated them. The birch forest of the upper part of the shawl was still intact but for the three colors short rows I simply dropped the yellow and thought that now was time for some pine trees in the forest. The yellow was sad to go but was taking it considerably well since it ment not having to be close to the green. The green stopped being a nasty underwater plant and was now running nicely together with the lighter green on a summer meadow.


Sadly, this change was not enough, the yellow and the green were still shouting mean things to each other over the lighter green and it was extremely hard on the lighter green. Since this afternoon the shawl is completely frogged. The rascals are back in the drawer, hopefully very ashamed of themselves.

Even frogged it looks like a pile of hay. Or cold noodles.

I’ll look for other colors in other yarn. I can’t have infected color combinations on my affectionate shawl.

I need a delicious project – now!