Stand up knitting

Me and the Color Affection has been out and about. Two nights ago we went to a stand up comedy with our friend and fellow knitter Jenny, and we were very happy and laughed just enough so the stitches were not dropped. It was just light enough to be able to tell the two colors apart, luckily. I don’t know what type of shawl I would have ended up with otherwise. It might have been really pretty but if you’re knitting a Color Affection you kind of want a Color Affection.

The staff at the venue thought I had too many bags with me though, purse and project bag, and made me leave the project bag by the door. They also told me very gravely that I had to remember it when I left, otherwise they would steal my knitting. “Hah!”, I thought, “you try! My knitting is coming with me!” And I put it in my purse instead and left the empty bag by the door. I admit, there was one ball in it still and I was a little worried about it during the show, but it all went well and both me, Jenny and my knitting had a great time.

That’s a terrible picture but it is indeed my left hand, my Color Affection and the stand up comedian Magnus Betnér, all in one shot. Knitting and stand up comedy are a great combination!