I have nothing to knit!

Right now I have two big projects going on, both have a deadline before Midsummer. Next to that there’s that huge shawl I’ve barely just started, with yarn in colors that make me really happy. Sweet, green colors, very springy at the same time as it’s super warm, which is so good since is freezing here. This year spring is a state of mind rather than a season. I should really finish this shawl soon.

Apple affection
That’s wool from Ullcentrum that I bought last summer on Öland. It came without a label so I don’t know much more about it.

Last night I cast on a Cupcake Cutie Cap by Doreen L. Marquart. This is the third one I’m knitting in a month. The other two really need to be getting in the mail, by the way.

This is my first Cupcake Cutie Cap, kindly modelled by Schrimpie.

Then there is that sweater in the lovely color but with the yarn that makes me grumpy just to think about it. All the parts are done, I just need to sew the parts together and weave in the ends.

Tonight I’m going to theatre rehearsal and I usually knit between scenes. And it feels like I have nothing to knit! Maybe I should cast on a baby sweater, just to be sure…