Where have all the knitters gone?

Yesterday me and my mum were at a performance by the excellent performance and circus group Cirkus Cirkör.Their show last night, Knitting Peace, asks the question whether it’s possible to knit peace. Is everything you get just a tangled skein or is it a straight piece of string that you can use?

I went there and thought this would be an occasion to wear your Sunday knits, to show you knew what was going on, that you knew what knitters all over the world knows: of course it’s possible to knit peace.

Knitting is pure love. For every stitch you put in a garment you add a little bit more love. Can there be more love than to warm someone? To make sure they’re comfortable and warm wherever they go. To put in stitch after stitch, hour after hour to make sure someone’s feet are warm, a neck doesn’t get cold and ears doesn’t freeze when going outside.

I thought I was going to meet hundreds of knitters showing up, taking out their knitting and adding a few stitches before the show started. I was wrong. Aparentely people came to see some acrobatic action, the knitting part was only something fun. Someone even commented on my knitting before the show in an air of it being a little bit funny and a little bit weird to knit in a theatre.

Well, to bad for them, because me and mum, who among all her other skills is also an excellent knitter, truly understood what happened on stage. Not just the acrobatics but also the knitting. We saw what type of cast on was made and how they managed to use yarn to enclose themselves into a knitted cocoon.

Here you can see some of the things that happened.

I really enjoy the song, “I want more yarn”.

The best of all? They actually knit on stage!