Welcome to my blog!

We’re finally ready for take-off. I’ve been thinking about starting this blog for a few years now but there has never been enough time or I’ve never been in the right place in life. Now, finally, here we are. This blog will mostly be about knitting but there will be some other stuff too, like books and baking and tea and perhaps even more than that.


The blog is called Fina Ina. Ina – that’s me. It rhymes with Fina which means sweet, nice, fine in Swedish. I spend most of my spare time knitting or doing some other handcraft like making lace or cross-stitch. I live in a small apartment in a city in Sweden with my books, recipes, and, most important, my yarn stash.

English is not my native language, Swedish is. So why is this blog in English? Well, I have a lot of English speaking friends and a big part of the knitting community is English speaking. Whereas my Swedish friends understand English, my American friends only knows the words for Happy Easter (“Glad påsk”) and Oat stands for health (“Havre står för hälsa”, read from a cereal box) and I want everyone to be able to read.

I’m interested in languages and I really enjoy direct translation of idioms and expressions so you’ll probably see a lot of Swedish expressions translated to English here. I will explain what they mean though.

With all this being said, I know my English is sometimes incomprehensible and I know I make mistakes so please condone my language butchering and we’ll all have a good time.

So, take-off!