… cowl is blocking. Yay!

It was a fun shape to block too and not at all as difficult as I had imagined. It’s not perfectly laid out but it’s fine by me which is, as it should be, the scale which my knitting is measured against. If I say it’s good enough, it’s good enough.

Decisions, decisions

Today I could finally cast on a new MKAL. Due to shipping delays I’m really behind and the fourth clue is already out. It’s fine though, I know my knitting takes longer time these days and that’s okay.

Now the question is, should I have the light purple one as main color or the dark blue? When I decided on the colors for this one so really took my time and thought long and hard and decided that these two would look good together. They might not be very summer-y but I still like them together and I think the end result will be beautiful. If I can ever decide on main color and contrasting color that is.

It will totally block out…

I’m closing in on my cowl. I only have half a repeat left, 20 rows of pale blue lace. The cowl is not even close to 86 centimeters though, as the pattern says it should be so I’m thinking of adding another repeat since it seems I have enough yarn. I haven’t decided yet though, maybe it will block out…?

It’s too darn hot

We’re having an incredible summer this year. It’s the warmest summer on over 70 years. I wish I could go swimming but that’ll have to wait till Me Made can come with. Maybe next summer. Then we’ll GP to the park, go to the lake and other nice outdoor activities.

I’m glad I planned my current knitting to be a cotton cowl, knitting in wool would be impossible. I might have to pause my project list and add another cotton project just because it’s too hot to even touch wool.

Next summer, that’s when we’ll do all of the fun things. I bet it will be a rainy one. Doh!

Why, oh why?

I really don’t like yarn balls that look like this. Why, you ask, it looks like a perfectly good yarn ball. Well, there is nothing wrong with the actual yarn, it’s as lovely as ever. Also, there is nothing wrong with the knitting it creates, it’s as lovely as the knitter makes it. No, the problem with yarn balls that look like this when you cast on…

…is that they look like this after a while. In particular when it comes to cotton. Lace weight wool also has the same tendency. This is impossible. You can’t knit with this without giving it a little tender love and care first, and honestly, isn’t it nicer to actually knit than to wind yarn? I like to knit with the yarn end from the middle of the ball and this is what happens after a while. Impossible, I say!

In the end I took care of it, it had to be done. Why, why does anyone make these kinds of yarn balls?

I can have nice things

I’m simply in love with this pale blue/pale gray color. I wish I could have a simple summer sweater in it and yes, I looked into that but there weren’t enough yarn for that left at the store. This yarn is discontinued, one of the worst words in the English language (at least when it comes to yarn) and leads to actions just as severe as the word limited followed by edition. So, no simple pale blue cotton summer sweater yet. Instead I picked it for my cotton cowl. The plan is to use that during summer as well so why not pick this yarn?

This is quite huge for me, I’m not always (never!) good at picking yarn I really like from my stash and use it for a project so I’m proud of myself for doing it. I hesitated for a minute but realized this project fulfilled every criteria I had for using the yarn. It was simply perfect.

1. I love the yarn and the color in particular.

2. I feel a bit bad for buying it and not using it and therefore need to knit it. It was at least ten baby sweaters worth of yarn and I’ve only made two so far.

3. I did not have enough in this color for a sweater for me.

4. The project is for me.

5. I need a cowl so why not make it a pretty one?

So I cast on and felt very daring. Now I just hope I finish soon so I can wear my lovely cotton cowl.

What a difference a stitch makes

I’ve taken my cardigan out for a spin. It works and fits fine and the buttons works surprisingly well, except that three would have been enough. I’m very proud of this cardigan and so happy that I managed to make it.

There is something quite fun with this pattern in that the instructions and the pictures do not correlate with each other. I have knit according to the instructions and lifted two stitches together as if to make a knit stitch. This made the pattern pictured above.

My mum, who has also knit this cardigan, did as the pattern picture showed and lifted only one stitch and the effect is very different. Two ways, both having the same result – two stitches decreased -, both equally pretty in their own way, but totally different when it comes to effect on the over all look. That’s pretty cool.

Pattern: Blomstertrøje by Lene Holme Samsøe. Yarn: Line from Sandnes Garn. Mods: I omitted the tulip pattern and also lenghtend the cardigan four centimeters. I also knit on the neckband instead of sewing.

Pretty darn proud of this one

My cardigan is finished! As you can see, I’ve even sewn the buttons. The cardigan fits nicely but perhaps it’s a little shorter than I anticipated. Also, three buttons would have been enough, the top one is so high up it will likely never be buttoned. I’ll Thank of it as a design feature. Also, the buttons are a tad big but I’ll leave them for now. It’s a busy summer, I need a cardigan, not more job. I could always change them later.

(That will so never happen.)

Hard work

After a few days without knitting due to illness, fever, blood, hospitals, milk and trouble eating, I finally sat down this morning with the pieces of my black cardigan. I fixed the little mistake I had made and started the neckband. According to the pattern I should knit it separately and sew it to the cardigan. Well, sewing (knitwear, sewing knitwear that is) isn’t that fun so I attached it to the actual cardigan while knitting it. It worked out beautifully even though I had to rip it out once.

Sewing the shoulder seams and side seams were easy but it took three times before I had one attached sleeve. That’s what happens when you only have bits and pieces of time to work on it, but now it’s there. The color didn’t help either, very tricky to see the stitches and even worse since the yarn is a cotton linen blend and therefore splits very easily, especially when sewing. But now it’s there!

One sleeve to sew, some ends and four buttons to go. Yay me!