They just knew

One has to love old Swedish patterns. I’m making this little gem from an older pattern. I’m not sure how old, the picture is in color and the model looks like it’s from the 60’s which means the pattern is about 50 years. The instructions are adorable but they are not for the inexperienced knitter. I have now knit half of the garment and the rest of the instructions are just “continue to knit the other half in the opposite direction. Instead of increasing, decrease, and instead of decreasing, increase. Cast off. Sew together”. There is a certain lack of information here and since the garment is a little odd looking, it’s not easy to know how to sew it together. Oh well, we’ll see, I’ll figure something out. Luckily I’ve knit one of these before. I must say though, I’m really impressed with knitters in the 60’s, they just knew what to do, with a minimum of information. That’s just..  wow!

What little knitting has, or has not, happened

I’m so sorry for being so elusive. I’m not feeling my best as of lately but I hope it will all be sorted in a couple of weeks. Nothing much has happened in the knitting department either:

  •  I have finished all the knitting on my purple cardigan but I haven’t blocked it or anything.
  • I have finished the last MKAL but I haven’t blocked it or anything (yes, this is some kind of a theme).
  • I have finished a pair of red wrist warmers but, yes, guessed right, I haven’t blocked them or anything.
  • I have not finished the other pair of wrist warmers, despite them coming with me to school every day I rarely knit a stitch.
  • I have started a new MKAL. I feel hopeful.
  • I have started a very pretty shawl but find it difficult to gather enough energy to actuall knit.
  • I picked up very pretty stork scissors in rose gold at work yesterday.
  • I also picked up yarn.
  • I might have been depraved enough to get a cat inspired yarn kit. I consider it a call for help but if nothing else, the project bag will make an excellent Christmas gift for one of my many, many cat-loving friends.

That’s about it in the last month, nothing much and absolutely nothing to show for it. At least I’m starting to feel inspired again and that’s always something.

Silly me, sugar me

Sometimes I’m so silly. Today I happened to be stuck at a train for longer than I care to remember. The train stopped at different stations for far too long and kept the doors open and it’s September now, it’s chillier in the air than it was before. I got cold and once I get cold, I stay cold. I got back home eventually and put on my sweats but I kept feeling chilly.

I was literally sitting on a pair of very pretty socks but it took me an embarrasingly long time to figure out I needed to put them on. Once I finally did, everything got so much more comfortable.

Not only that but the socks match my sweat pants, they are both pink, which makes it all even more lovely and warm. Also, the socks are indeed very pretty, a little piece of art, and the ribbed parts that come together on the top of the foot is simply charming and very flattering.

If I were to change one thing though, it would be the length of the leg. It’s a bit on the short side and I wish I hade made it longer. But that’s a minor problem, the socks are delicious just the way they are.

Pattern: Haleakala by Cookie A. Yarn: Merino Cashmere Sock from Squoosh fiberarts, color Sugar Roses. No mods.

Knitting Attack VI

No matter how experienced you are as a knitter you will always find these moments when you remember to be humble. No matter how much you knit and how many years you’ve knit you will always make rookie mistakes every now and again. This happened to me today. I’ve spent the last week happily knitting away on my second sleve and today I was done with it all except the cuff. I was going to change needles to below gauge needles and that’s when I realized it. I never changed back to the gauge needles when I was done with the cuff on the first sleeve. I’ve knit the entire sleeve with the wrong needles. This explains why it took so long to get the right length.

So, the question now is how to handle this.The sleeve doesn’t look smaller, nor is it tighter really, but the braided part is about a centimeter shorter. I could re-knit that part of course but will I be happy with my cardi? Won’t I always think it too tight even if it’s not? So many questions, what to do, what to do?

Quick update

Summer of sunsets are not over it seems. I’m still catching a few good ones. I’ve been a bit under the weather this week and that’s why I’ve been a bit elusive. I feel better now but still need to gather my strenghts and sleep and eat properly before being completely back to normal but I’m definitely getting there. I haven’t knit much either but I have finished a pair of wristwarmers and half of the second sleeve on my cardi. I had hoped to have it finished by now but it’s okay. We’ll were we stand after the weekend, if there are two sleeves or not.

The answer to everything

So I went to the yarn store the other day. I was going to get yarn for a pair of wristwarmers. You know, just a simple ball of yarn, how hard could it be? Well, famous last words because once there I just couldn’t decide! I looked at all the yarn, contemplated on the colors, disregarded some, reconsidered some and thought twice about some. In the end I was choosing between petrol and purple and just couldn’t make up my mind. I looked at pictures of the recipient, I looked at the yarn, I compared the yarn and pictures but I just couldn’t decide.

In the end I picked them both. Stripes is always the answer to a difficult color question!

Hard decisions

I have started on the sleeves on my cardi. They should be fast enough except for one thing. I prefer dpn’s over magic loop, I just think it’s quicker. I know others prefer magic loop and it’s as it should be, there is something for everybody. I find magic loop endlessly fiddley. I’ve only ever made one sock in magic loop, not two, one, and that was all I could manage. Therefore, when I reached the point where the sleeves were knit in-the-round, I changed to dpn’s.

I love my dpn’s and I’ve never had any problems with them while knitting items on small needle sizes, like 2,5 mm. But, once I go up a few sizes, I get a problem with the last stitch one each needle being too loose. I didn’t want that to happen (it has hapened before on a cardigan and me and that cardigan are really not friends) so after a few rounds I had to make a decision. Stick with the dpn’s and have a happier knitting time but a less happy finished project or change to magic loop and have a not-so-good knitting time but a prettier cardi. It was difficult to make up my mind but in the end I decided to go for magic loop. It’s fiddley as hell but there are no gaps (or, there is one gap but it’s small enough to go by unnoticed). Let’s just hope I will endure this and stick with it for the 1,5 sleeves that are left. All in the hope of pretty cardigan at the end of the rainbow.

Project planning

All of a sudden it happens. That moment when you start planning your next project, and the next one, and the next one. And you need to buy yarn, but what yarn, could this yarn go with that project? No, but perhaps with this project? But that was pretty as well, maybe I could do that one instead. But I can’t decide between these two colors, should I make two then? Or maybe something else entirely, something striped? Or cables? Or maybe lace? But then I need some other yarn. But they don’t have the perfect color in this yarn, where do I find yarn with the perfect color? This color is nice but the yarn doesn’t go with that pattern. Maybe another pattern? And this pattern was nice, I want one of these (I need one of these) but let’s not forget her birthday coming up. Speaking of birthdays, his birthday is just around the corner and she will have a baby soon and it was such a long time since she got something knitted and don’t I really need a new cardigan? But before I can make myself a cardigan I should really finish that shawl that I cast on before, but that doesn’t solve the problem with her birthday present, but maybe if I hurry with that project to free up those needles I can cast on that project soon. But what about yarn?

And then all of a sudden you sat down to look at a pattern for a hat but end up casting on a shawl and three pairs of wristwarmers instead. It’s just part of the process.

Sock spring

In the summer I try to take the opportunity to go out running. I’m not particularly fond of running but it’s one way to enjoy the nice weather instead of only work out indoors. Some years when I run, I want change. All the time. I change where I go and discover new routes and new distances. Some years I don’t. This year I’ve been out running nine times so far, about once a week depening on weather and my classes at the gym. But every time I’ve taken the exact same distance. 6 kilometers, neither more nor less. 6 km nine times makes for a total of 54 kilometers but that’s beside the point. The point is that I haven’t felt compelled to change my route. I have been perfectly comfortable in knowing that this route is 6 km and that’s it.

This spring I made eight pair of adult socks. Three of the pairs were for me. Six of the pairs were in the Business casual pattern. I know it by heart and it’s terribly elegant so why change? I Think it’s the same as with the running distance and route. I know it, I don’t have to make something up, I don’t have to be creative. I have a route, I will run it and then I know I’ve run 6 km. I have a pattern, I will knit it and I know it will turn into nice socks in the end and that was all I needed but it was also the only thing I could knit.

Sure, I made and effort to churn out a few other things but socks in Business casual were what really worked. I made asparagus colored ones and bonbon colored ones for myself. I made petrol ones for a co-worker who surprised me with yarn.

I made spring evening colored ones, pink ones and crazy colored ones. 6 kilometers per run and 6 pairs of Business casual made, something well-known that didn’t require thinking where the end result is the same every time. There is something very comfortable in that.

Pattern: Business casual by Tanis Lavallee. Yarn: Zauberball from Schoppel-wolle, colors 2310 Bunte Gasse and 2263 Monochrom, and Supersocke 4-fach Neon Color Two from ONline, color 01722.