Trust me on this one

I’ve gotten a rather tricky knitting assignment. It’s complex, it’s a deadline and it’s stealth. It’s ordered by a non-knitter and has quite some contradictive terms. It took me a while to figure out but I think I know what to do. The end result will be a bit unusual, although perfectly normal for a Knitter, and I’m not really looking forward to all the million questions I will receive. All those inevitable questions that will come up when someone has a clear image of how something should be done and then that thing isn’t done that way and they don’t trust me when I try to explain. Like when I was knitting socks in the lunch room at work and someone asked me for whom they were and I answered that they were for me. The person started questioning this, she thought the socks were for a child since they “looked so small” and I had to defend my poor socks and my knitting skills and assure her that I knew what I was doing. Those questions, I’m not looking forward to those. I will try to dodge the questions and blame it all on the person ordering the project. The project will be good and fill it’s purpose but perhaps not crafted in the most conventional way (people really should stop being so conservative), and that’s all that matters. We’ll see how it goes.

Straight from the cottage – May

May came with this little kit for the yarn club. At first I thought this yarn was only white, perhaps with a hint of grey, and I got a bit disappointed since it’s the third yarn in eight months that is white. But then I held it up to the light and saw that it’s also with a hint of green and all of a sudden it became much prettier and much more fun. White with grey wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when I thought of the month of May but white with green is something else. The picture and letter explained the thought behind yarn and and it just became much prettier.

This package came with a tea bag and some lip balm. The lip balm smells of apples which is a truly delicious smell. I’m getting quite a stash now of these skin care products. It’s nice.

Inspired by a duck

There is a duck in the river. It was moving fast and elegant forward and I’d like to think that’s what I’m doing with the baby sweater. Stripes are good for progress and I want to make good progress. Einar needs a summer cardigan and I have some other things in pipeline, things with a deadline, when Einar’s cardy is finished. So I’ll do as the duck, swim fast but elegant and hopefully everything will work out.

Hold tight and pretend it’s a plan

Since I’ve stated that it’s summer (it really is), it’s time to make the family ready for it. Grown-ups can fend for themselves but wee ones do need som assistance. Therefore I’m making Einar a light cotton sweater. I got some cotton yarn a while ago (December 2017) and I figure it’s time to put it to use. Since stripes are very lovely, I’m doing stripes. Also, I don’t have enough yarn to make something in one single color. So, stripes it is. I actually quite like the way it’s turning out too. But then again, stripes are rarely wrong.

The winner takes it all

I won! I actually won at yarn chicken. For some reason this cardigan didn’t need as much yarn as the last one. 288 meters instead of 369. I wonder why but I’m too happy it worked out to think about it too much. Now all need to do is weave in all those ends, block it and add buttons. And deliver it to the wee little one who’s going to wear it of course.

And yet another game of yarn chicken

This mess, with forty eleven loose ends, is a raglan cardigan just after I’ve attached the sleeves. Now, I worry that I won’t have enough yarn and I’m not sure what to do. I doubt this pattern will look good with a yoke in a contrasting color… Not like this one, when a contrasting color turned out to be a hit. We’ll see what I’ll do.

Time for more color love

We’ve had a some really nice days with beautiful weather lately. I haven’t had to wear a jacket in the mornings when I go to work but a tiny chill in the air in the morning still made me want to keep my hand knits close to me. I’ve worn my Baker street shawl, very nice and cozy, and my Antarktis and I’ve also gotten some mileage out my Qwist mitts. The latter got me thinking of the yarn I used to make them and that I should really try to knit more from that yarn. It’s made of KOLORlove from Magic loop and there are more of that in my stash. Somewhere…

I have a project bag too

“Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn, then you should always be a unicorn.”
Elle Lothlorien

Not to brag, but I have unicorn stitch markers now. I’m very pleased.


The light this evening was magical. A soft May rain, a rainbow and a lovely sunset. This time of the year is truly amazing and reminds me that I can never move away from here.

Not only was the light magical, the evening itself was great. We had dinner with friends, the kids “played” and grown-ups talked and smelled the lilacs and it was the perfect and great end to a pretty bad week. Between us we’ve had fever and snot and teething, bruises and wounds and colds and bad sleep and there has been no end to the madness. We all needed something else and dinner was perfect. Einar got to “play” with this friend and his parents got to talk with theirs’, all the while eating great food.

If that wasn’t enough, Einar slept for two hours today and I managed to finish the body of a baby cardigan. That was much needed knitting time. I really must make sure I get that regularly, otherwise I go under. I’ve cast on a sleeve now. It’ll be fine.

Not for me this year

May is progressing and I’m doing fairly okay. Both me and Me Made has worn some handmade things. It’s been a bit cooler than it was in April so wool is kind of nice. I’ve worn Knitangle, of course, I love that shawl, but I’ve also dug out Qwist mitts. They are super cute and I really like them, but they don’t go so well with my other clothes. I should do something about that. Me Made has also worn his Easter cardigan.

The thing is, I’m not feeling it. I don’t have the energy to dig out knitwear and try to combine them with new things. I’ll keep trying but I won’t officially do MeMadeMay 2019. And that is totally fine.