But I’ve always enjoyed my freedom…

I’ve never been a monogamous knitter, I’ve always had multiple projects in progress at the same time. But with limited knitting time multiple projects take forever to finish. Today I turned the heel on the first sock and I still have about 30 rows left on the first mitten. I think that from now on I’m going to be a bit more monogamous if I’m ever going to be able finish anything. I’ll stick to one project and knit that till it’s finished.

…but also have a vanilla sock ready for when I might need it.

With a spring in my step

I’ve knot gone completely nuts, I have started a sock in something other than petrol and black too. This is the zebra sock in the correct color combination and I like it a lot. The colors are, as I had hoped, very soothing together. Mild. Not surprisingly, I prefer this to the earlier one. They feel very much like early spring with all that light blue, green and brown. And that’s quite adequate at the moment. It’s still very much winter but the days are longer and the anticipation is in the air. Not much left now.

Out of character

What on earth is this? Could it really be? This goes against everything you’ve ever known about me. Me, the pink princess, why am I knitting blue (actually petrol) and black and in February nonetheless? And color work on top of that. There is no sense in this, no obvious answer. Have I gone crazy? Have I lost my mind?

No, there is a reasonable explanation. Remember the mittens I forgot? Well, I got a reminder and bad conscience and here I am, knitting a pair of color work mittens in petrol and black, all according to the receiver’s wishes.

I can’t wait till I’m done.

No order

There is a novel by the Swedish author called There is no order on my papers and another one called There is still no order on my paper. I often feel like that. I never have time to sort out my papers and put them where I can find them. Right now it’s like that with my knitting too. There is no order! I don’t have enough room in my stash and even though I try to knit up what I can, I still accumulate more yarn than I knit. Since I don’t knit as much as I used to, I’m afraid I’ve reached SABLE a lot quicker than expected. I don’t have room for my left overs and I just want to take care of it all and sort it out but I don’t have the time. I have needles everywhere and there is no order there either and there is no order on my patterns and markers and safety pins and beads and tapestry needles and I just want a designated spot for everything (preferably easily accessible from the couch where I knit). I’ll try to figure something out concerning the notions and try to find something to take care of stray needles. I can’t really do anything abut the stash at the moment, it’s not a quick fix so to speak since knitting takes a while.

I really should prioritize the leftovers.

Winter wonder wedding

Do you remember this shawl? I made it three and a half year ago to wear on my wedding day should it be a very cold day. It was a fair assumption since it’s Sweden after all and also since that summer was such a rainy one. Two days before the wedding it rained so hard that it poured into the taxi I was in. Then on the wedding day the sky was blue and the sun was shining. It was way too warm for a woolen wrap, and it stayed that way for the rest of the month. I wore it to a friend’s birthday celebration but that’s pretty much the only time I’ve taken it out for a spinn.

This weekend though, this shawl got to fulfill its purpose – to be worn on a wedding day. My friend Emma got married this weekend and on her shoulders you could find this little sweet thing. I’m so glad it got to be part of Emma’s day, since it was intended for a wedding. I’m glad it got to serve at a winter wedding, where it would be appreciated for all its qualities, its beauty, its color and its warmth. It deserves that.

Take 2

I have started the second take one my socks, this time in the right color combination. I kept the number of stitches though, since that worked out so well with the last pair. I did change one thing though, I cast on four extra stitches and decreased them on the first row to make the cast on edge a little looser. I hope it will work out.


This is a little how Alexander Fleming must have felt

There’s just something about these socks! First I picked the wrong color combination, then I discover I knit the wrong size. I knit them four stitches too narrow and I briefly contemplated frogging them. Then I weighed my leftovers and tried the socks on and it turns out it all works out for the best. The socks fit me much better like this (note to self) and this change in size also meant that I have enough leftovers (52 grams and 27 grams) for another pair IN THE SAME SIZE! There will be socks and there will be socks that are big enough to fit me. This mistake isn’t that much of a mistake anymore but just happy coincidences. I won’t compare this to inventing penicillin but let’s just say that mistakes and being a little forgetful from time to time can result in excellent outcomes. I’m quite pleased.

Only one

And just like that I have a wrist warmer. It’s lovely and so soft but I only had yarn for one. I must have misunderstood the pattern because I thought I would have enough yarn left for two but that’s not the case. I’m surprisingly okay with it but remember that I have two skeins left of the same yarn although in different colors. I don’t mind having one wrist warmer in pink and another in a different color. The yarn is lovely and I quite like the idea to knit another pair of socks and then another wrist warmer in a new color. It will take a little while but till then my feet and at least one hand will be warm and cozy.

The mystery of 2-plied yarn

I have talked before about how people I talk to look upon swatching. How they try to get out of it and how gauge is not a universal thing. There is another thing that is not universal: plying. I sometimes meet knitters who ask for 2-ply yarn for a certain pattern. The problem is that 2-ply yarn could be anything. It can be lace weight and it can be bulky. I know that there are older patterns that state that you need 2-ply yarn and that’s it, which makes me think that once there actually was a universal measure for 2-ply yarn. But, there isn’t anymore. Therefore you have to play detective to determine what yarn to use when it comes to those patterns but that’s not as easy as it sounds.

I’m guessing 2-ply yarn in older patterns means something around fingering weight, if you follow the logic that the more plied a yarn is, the heavier the weight. It’s a great logic except that it doesn’t work. I know of bulky yarn in single ply and of lace weight in 4 ply and everything is just a mess.

So let’s once and for all state the fact here: that a yarn is 2-ply says nothing of the yarn weight.