A little update

Just a quick update to show you my crochet progress. The second clue of the MCAL came out today but I haven’t dared to start it yet. Instead I’m focusing on this shawl which is turning out nice I think. It’s pretty as it is but I honestly can’t wait to block it. But first I have to finish it.

Out of my comfort zone

The MCAL (that’s C as in Crochet!) started yesterday and I’ve been looking at the pattern clue a little. It says that the difficulty level is intermediate and I’m not sure I’m there, I’m not an intermediate crocheter. Or at least I’m not an intermediate level pattern reader. On the other hand, I’ve never let anything stop me when it comes to knitting no matter the difficulty level so why start now?

As I mentioned, I got two kits for this MCAL (I know, I’m crazy) which means I have to at least try to make it no matter the difficulty. I’ll just have to be bold and brave. And also wait till the right moment when I have enough, well, time.

Am I insane?

There are more yarn coming in and I love it. In a weak moment a few weeks ago I signed up for an MCAL, a mystery crochet-along, As I’ve said before, I’m not a crocheter (except the one I started last week) but the kits for this one were so delicious that I just couldn’t resist. And this kit was the best one. It sold out so I got another one and then this one became available again so I got it as well. That’s right, I got TWO kits for an MCAL. That’s insane! I’m not even sure I’m going to start this project but I have TWO kits for it.

If I do cast on I’ll use the other kit though, I think I’ll save this delicious for a little while.

Desperate times

So… Knitting has proved to be a bit tricky lately. My hands are busy with other things and I’ve turned a bit desperate at times. First it was the yarn purchases, I couldn’t knit so I surfed online yarn stores and bought yarn. I got a lot of yarn and some of it has arrived which was very pleasing. But apparently that wasn’t enough. Idle hands are the devils tools and my hands are idle. Or, not so idle anymore. It was evident that it wouldn’t be possible to knit, I needed my hands and I needed space, hands and space that I didn’t have.

When you have too much spare time, that’s when the good ideas come. And the desperate ones. I’m not a crocheter. I can do it when a knitting pattern calls for it or when I, for some reason, need a flower or something. But now, I realized that knitting was impossible but crochet might work out. So I surfed for a pattern and looked at the stash and when I stole myself a moment yesterday, I quickly found a crochet hook and I started.

And let me tell you, it worked! I can crochet together with Me Made! Me Made sleeps and I crochet and we’re both very happy. I get to craft something¬†and that’s pretty much all I need to be happy. It started well and I hope I will finish but so far it’s actually quite fun. Who knows, there might be a crocheter in me.