It actually happened

It finally happened. I wasn’t sure it would but here we are. Tonight I wove in the 118th and last end. Now all that is required is a block and then I have another finished shawl, and a crochet one too. The crochet itself was fun but all the ends were probably not worth it, I will make my final decision once it’s blocked. For now I will bask in the feeling of having woven in all those ends.

Slowly, oh, so slowly

Note to self: you should never pick a project with 118 ends to weave in but you should most certainly not do such a project when your over all crafts time is limited to a minimum. This takes forever and feels so wrong when I don’t have any time to knit or crochet as it is. 18 ends to go.

116 + 2

I counted. My crochet shawl contains 118 ends to weave in. Two of them were due to a knot on the yarn but all the other ends were part of the pattern. 116 ends. Insane! I wove in 50 of them at knit night with Annelie and another 10 the other night. Tonight I wove in yet another 10 and I still have 48 left. I hope to be able to weave in a few every night and perhaps by the end of the week I might have a shawl ready to block. But can’t we agree that 116 ends is completely unreasonable? 116 + 2. And the shawl is not big either. I’ve made blankets with less ends to weave in. This is clearly going to take me a while to get over.

Completely unreasonable

My little crochet shawl accompanied me to knit meet with Annelie today. The plan was to weave in all the ends so I can block it at the next opportunity. That was an optimistic plan.I wove in ends for more than two hours, then I figured I had done enough and moved on to newer projects. (Remember Barney Stinson’s one rule (one of the one rules): New Is Always Better! I can only assume he was talking about knitting.)

Two hours meant 50 ends woven in. 50 ends. That’s insane. And the sad thing is that I still have a huge amount of ends left. I can’t say I like weaving in ends but I’m fine with it, I do it, as long as I feel that the amount is reasonable. Remember the socks with a total of 28 ends? That wasn’t reasonable. This shawl with close to 100 ends? Not reasonable either. I figure I will try to do a couple of ends each day and I should have a shawl to block by Christmas or something. At least I’m halfway through.

Big heart

My crochet is done! Now all I need to do is weave in a million ends and block it and then my second (!) crochet shawl is finished. That’s probably the biggest surprise this year, that I started to crochet. Not one but two shawls. That’s a pattern. I still love knitting more though. Sorry crochet, but knitting was here first. But the heart is expandable and I’m sure there is room for crochet as well.

A little bit of crochet

My crochet has been neglected a while now (well, since I haven’t been able to knit much I obviously haven’t crocheted either) but the other day I unexpectedly got some time left and I could do a few rows. It’s still fun and the shawl I’m making is turning out better than I anticipated. Also, I really like working with the yarn. The only thing I don’t like is the yarn balls. These kinds just keep falling apart and it’s annoying. For this project though, I’ll just have to get over that, I guess.

Hidden qualities

My crocheting skills are progressing nicely. Better than I could have imagined. The progress is moving forward and with that so are the amount of ends to weave in. But let’s focus on the crocheting part instead. It’s even fun to do! And pretty too!

It’s yellow no matter what you say

In my new crochet project I have four contrasting colors. Since it was all a kit I didn’t pick them myself and I haven’t been sure what to think. I called the colors yellow (that photographs green sometimes and That’s why I chose the kit, because of the green (that turned out to be yellow)), apricot, beige and light purple-ish. This is aparently wrong. Others have called them natural and pink and that’s it. At first I was sceptic but today when I saw all the colors in my project bag I can see how they can be perceived as pink. I’m still not sure I would though but they are quite pretty. Perhaps not something I would normally put together myself but nice nontheless.

That natural though. It’s not natural. It’s not green. It’s yellow.

It’s not cheating, right?

My crocheting carreer continues. I have finished the shawl, I only need to weave in ends and block it, but the actual crocheting part is finished. Now I have started a new shawl, one that was an MCAL during July. I thought it looked really difficult but yesterday I sat down and looked at it step by step and I think I have figured it out. I’ve also learned some new stitches, which is cool. So yes, crochet is moving forward. Please don’t tell the stash.