Crafts Fair


Yesterday I was at a crafts fair. It was my first time and I had a really good time. Since I’m not only bicraftual but probably quadrucraftual or something, there was a lot of things there for me, beads, bobbin lace, sewing, cross-stitching, scrapbooking, yarn… Oh, the yarn! I’ve found at least two new interesting Swedish dyers that I will be looking into. It’s probably a good thing I haven’t really been introduced to quilting yet or I would never have been able to leave.


I had a great strategy though. I had good shoes which is probably essential.


We left our jackets in the car so we didn’t have to carry them around with us.


We made sure to have each other’s phone numbers and picked a meeting place and a time.


If I would change anything for next year I would point a homebase where someone could gard all the bags that accumulate. There is a lot of people and the more bags you carry, it harder to move around and squeeze in between some very determined cross-stitch shoppers blocking the way.


We didn’t feel obliged to walk around together all the time so no one would have to feel like they didn’t get to do or see all that they wanted and no one had to feel like they had to hurry somewhere. Also we didn’t risk losing each other in the crowd and then spending many hours looking for each other. It was a great plan.


Also, I would carry a water bottle. The air is dry and I was really thirsty.


I actaully managed to stay away from the scrapbooking booths. I’m pretty proud of that.


I did manage to see some tatting though. I’ve always wondered how they do that.


The bobbin lace section was interesting.


I surprised myself by getting material for a entire new project.


I also got to see a lace I’ve made on display. Not that I’ve made that particular lace, but I’ve used that pattern. Also, look at the lace below “my” lace. It’s beautiful!

It was a great fair and I can’t wait till next year.

Evening thoughts


Gaah! November is here and as usual there are just too many projects (if there is such a thing as too many projects as opposed to just many projects)! I need to sort it all out in order to even be able to tell you about them. Hopefully I can get some sorting tonight, and some sewing and some starting. For some reason I always feel better about a project when I’ve cast on, especially if I’m on a deadline. I think it’s probably because that casting on means I’m one step closer to the finish line. Casting on requires a litte time and concentration though so it can’t just be done any time. Hopefully I can sort things out tonight before it’s time for bed and then I can start telling you about it.

So, I’ll be back tomorrow, hopefully a little more organized.

Dyeing continued


Today the dyeing has continued. Continued with much better result too. Soon, when the washing machine stops, I have ten dyed pieces of fabric and only one to go. That one will have to wait though, it’s too late to do another load today. But ten out of eleven is great work and seven of them was done today so I’m pretty darn pleased with myself, especially after the disaster yesterday.

Dye hard


I’m in the middle of a complicated dye job and have been so all day. I need to dye eleven pieces of cloth in different colors and so far I’ve dyed seven of them. Unfortunately only three can be used so I’m a bit bummed right now. This means I have to re-do these four catastrophes together with the four I haven’t touched yet. That’s a lot more dyeing than I bargained for and most of it needs to be done tomorrow.

I should really go to bed now so I can manage this little dye incident without screaming. I’ll keep you posted on the progress.