Time for a change?

I’m sure everyone is tired of looking at me baking the same thing week after week but here it is again. I should step it up a bit, try something different, but chocolate chip cookies are my favorite so I’m sticking to them. I’ve been thinking about cup cakes but I don’t dare to, not yet. And not with a tired Me Made close by. Also, cup cakes sort of requires a reason, you don’t just bake them to keep them in a tin for whenever you feel a bit peckish. No, cup cakes needs an occasion and right now I don’t have one. As soon as I do, I will consider cup cakes though.

How many minutes are optimal?

We didn’t bake anything yesterday, me and Me Made. We had other engagements and didn’t have the time. I think we both suffered from the lack of our new routine. Instead we made chocolate chip cookies on Tuesday and they were perhaps a tad soft. They break easily and I think it’s because I forgot how long they need to be in the oven. I tried both 4 minutes and 3:30 and perhaps somewhere in between is the best. Nevertheless they are still really good and the tradition can go on.

Not like riding a bike

My Friday tradition is becomes more and more of a, well, tradition. After breakfast, me and Me Made prepare the kitchen and start stirring ingredients. Then, when we’re finished, or while the cake is in the oven, Me Made takes a nap and after that we’re ready for lunch and a taste of the cake. It’s a pretty good tradition, I think.

Today I used a smaller cake tin and left the cake in the oven for a little longer. The result is a better one that before. I’m making improvements, that’s good. It takes a few tries to get back in the saddle, so to speak, after all, it’s been a few years since I last baked. But I’m getting better and better!

Play time

It seems I’ve started a bit of a Friday tradition. Last Friday I baked and the Friday before that and tomorrow I plan on doing it again. I made a chocolate cake and it was really good but could have been left in the oven a little longer. I’ll try it again tomorrow.

It looked so ready but no. It was supposed to be sticky but perhaps not that sticky. I like this new tradition, it’s good and it gives us something to do, me and Me Made, who plays with various kitchen utensils while I bake. Which, I guess, mean that we’re pretty much doing the same thing although my playing hopefully results in a cake or two.

Please note the dough-scraper, it has knitting on it.

I didn’t see that coming

I did manage to bake today. Me Made was very supportive, at least as long as there was enough various kitchen utensils available (the table spoon measuring cup was a particular favorite). Me, well, I was baking, apparently a little too intensely because mid-stir I suddenly broke the spoon. In two. I must be a super baker and no one mixes the dough better than me. The cookies are delicious too.

Mamma’s meringues

We’re still thinking about baking over here. Today my mum made meringues with chocolate chips. So good. And I’m planning another round of cookies, perhaps tomorrow. It seems baking is something that can be done while hanging out with Me Made and that’s great. I’ve missed baking. I’ve always loved trying new and complicated recipes and made them over and over till I succeeded. It will still be some time before I will try something complicated, for now I’m just content with the simplest recipes.

Bake, bake, bake. Bake on!

Cake dreams

Ever since my successful baking Tuesday I’ve started to think about all the baking I’m going to do, and especially since I got so much praise for them the other day. Me Made will turn 1 eventually, an occasion that needs a cake obviously (for the grown ups present, that is), and there are cookies and cakes I used to make that I’ve been missing. Cakes as the ones in the picture will not happen though, too advanced in this stage (and kitchen) of life. But who knows, one day perhaps. For now I’m happy just knowing that I made cookies. In my oven. While watching Me Made. It has happened and even if it never happens again it did happen once and that’s pretty darn good.

Tonight we are victorious

I don’t know when I last baked in my kitchen. It’s been many years, I know I used it in 2015 but after that I might have stopped because I know that in 2016 I didn’t anymore. There was some problem with the oven and I lost my mojo. I tried the oven out this summer but I didn’t bake something from scratch so that doesn’t count. But today it happened. It finally happened! I made cookies: I planned ahead, I bought the ingredients, I whipped up the dough and I baked the cookies. Me Made was with me the entire time, sleeping while I planned, patiently waiting in the stroller while I got the ingredients and sitting in a chair in the kitchen playing with various kitchen utensils and eating crackers while I made the dough and baked it. I burned the first sheet but the second and third worked out well.

I also got to finally use one of my lovely cookie jars, this one is really beautiful. I got it from my mother-in-law for Christmas a few years back and now I finally have some cookies to put in it. Yay, cookies!

The day before

The day before Christmas. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and it’s when everything starts. I love the days before Christmas, there is just so much anticipation in the air, you know it’s coming and you have something to look forward to. This evening is probably the best, especially if everything is done and you can just sit down and relax and think about the wonders to come. This year I have lowered any standards ever thought of, we have advent decorations but that’s it. Me Made has started to move forward so it wouldn’t work out with a tree anyway and I think I’m fine with it. I’ll spend evenings with other people who has trees instead.

There are three things I have made sure to do though. I have baked gingerbread with my mum and saffron truffles, a tradition of mine. And I’m watching my favorite Christmas movie – The Miracle on 34th Street – the one from the 90’s. I love that movie, it’s just so lovely and Mara Wilson is adorable in every way. It’s a bit sad though but, as a Christmas movie should, it ends well. I don’t like watching Christmas movies after Christmas, I want the anticipation before, since most Christmas movies is set before Christmas and rarely after. That’s why tonight is my last chance.

Tomorrow it all begins and I look forward to it. It will be different form any other Christmas I’ve celebrated but it will be nice.

Books and buns

At the beginning of summer I read a lot of books. I still read books but not at the same speed. One of the books I read was this, a feel-good novel, and its three sequels. This book was set as the first in the series, but written third, which was quite good to know when you read them. They are really feel-good, perfect for what I needed back in May (and perhaps after that as well). It’s love and friendship and completely unrealistic events, but who cares? The main character starts wandering the country to find herself and along the way she finds love, she finds sorrow and happiness and new friends and lots and lots of antiques. The following books are the same except she doesn’t wander the roads anymore. It’s like a teenage series about a whimsical girl but for grown-ups. I liked it a lot despite the more fantastic parts.

In the latter books they eat a lot of buns, namely Rimbobullar. They ate them so frequently that I started craving them. But, while I could read quite a lot in May it was simply impossible to bake and that meant no buns for me. Then, as it happened, my wonderful mother got the idea of making, yes, of all things the decided to make Rimbobullar. I hadn’t talked about them or anything, we just both had the same thought at the same time. We had them for Midsummer and they are simply amazing. I’ve had them before but I had forgotten about it and this was a delicious reminder. I completely understand why they keep eating them in the books.

When I re-read the books, which I will do eventually, I will make sure to have Rimbobullar close by. It’s required.