Gone South

I have relocated for the week. There is no knitting (I know, I need to fix this at some point) but instead sun, warmth, ice cream, some swimming in the ocean and mosaics. I’ll catch up once I get back to the stash (home is where your stash is, right?) again. In the meantime you can find me either under a parasoll on the beach or inside a 1500 year church, both equally lovely😊

“Jag vill bara leva för alltid, för evigt, baby lĂ„t oss leva hĂ€r”

Such an amazing day! I went to Stockholm and visited with my friend Fatou, we had breakfast and went for a walk, had great ice cream and in the evening I met Agnieszka and we went to Fatou’s work, a lovely wine bar, where we had amazing wine, great (so great!) food, listened to the best nusic, and met darling people. It was the perfect summer evening. I even got to teach a friend to knit and he was really good. We’ll have to do it again, both the knitting, the wine, the food, the music (Silvana Imam!) and the company. A summer filled with days like this is really more than one could ever ask for.

Can’t hold us down

I got a gift from Agnieszka today. This has so many levels to it, and especially since it’s on a pocket mirror which means I can show it while I put on my lipstick. I highly doubt this is the opinion of Jane Austen, she expresses the opinion of the society, in an ironic way. It’s as true today as it was in the 1810’s, society is afraid of women who know anything. But women know, will always know and have always known. Society might try to take that away from us but but they can’t. They can’t!

Three flowers

The plan was to go on vacation today but that didn’t work out so I’ll work Monday as well. That didn’t mean that I couldn’t celebrate vacation anyway, or at least the weekend. I started by working out, a great class that made me so happy, the new Sh’bam release is really extraordinary. Then I went out to dinner with friends and had the best time. On my way back home I found that someone had put three flowers in my bicycle basket, which was a sweet surprise. I hope it’s a sign this summer will continue to be fantastic. I really hope so. 

A pink cloud

This is a very long week, the last before some vacation. I have so much to do and to stay sane I go to the gym in the evenings. The only thing that reminds me that it’s actaully summer is the landscape I run past on my occasional runs. Today I found a pink bush which slowed me down and gave me a worse time but it was worth it, one have to stop to smell the flowers sometimes, even when out on a run.

Now it’s knitting time for the rest of the evening.

To know where to put the effort

It’s midsummer’s eve and even though it looked like it wouldn’t be much of a shebang over here we did it anyway. Low key but classy. Casual in some ways and high rolling in others.The Christmas curtains are still up but we have strawberries and chocolate so who cares about the curtains? Everyone is happy and relaxed and full and did I mention there are strawberries?

Happy midsummer knitting!

A night in June

Nu gÄr solen knappast ner,
blÀndar bara av sitt sken.
SkymningsbÄrd blir gryningstimme
varken tidig eller sen.

Insjön hÄller kvÀllens ljus
glidande pÄ vattenspegeln
eller vacklande pÄ vÄgor
som lÄngt innan de ha mörknat
spegla morgonsolens lÄgor.

Juni natt blir aldrig av,
liknar mest en daggig dag.
Slöjlikt lyfter sig dess skymning
och bÀrs bort pÄ ljusa hav.

/Harry Martinsson 1953

A night in June and you never want to go to bed. When life is at its high point and the living is easy. Wistful and beautiful and the knowledge of transiency. To live here and now and not then or soon. The present and the light and to remember the good things. There are a lot of good things.

Out for the summer

School is finally out for the summer and I’m happy, happy, happy! Knitting awaits me and chilling in my new sun glasses. I will try to make the most out of this summer and enjoy every single moment one way or another. Soon a new chapter starts but first I deserve a well earned break. 

It all starts now!

Spectacular and a little scary

The weather is giving us whiplash injuries, it changes to often. It’s sunny, and snowy, and rainy and hailing, all in one day, multiple times a day. It’s dramatic and powerful and also a bit annoying. At the same time, weather impresses me. I like weather. I find it humbling that we can fly to the moon and do so many things but the weather can still kick our asses, without even breaking a sweat. We can do so much but rain still wets our heads and snow forces us to wear boots. A big thunder storm is a spectacular performance and just look at that sky. So amazing and impressive!

Yes, I made it home before the hail started again.

It arrived this year too

This has been a very weird week weatherwise. On Tuesday we woke up to a snowy world and today I met these beauties in flower bed. Two days ago they were not as big as they are now, they have really exploded.

There are even crocuses! Spring is here!