Haven’t slept a night since 1994

It’s a new year and I don’t know how I know but I do know that this is the year we’ll make it happen. I think that every year. Or rather, I sing that every year. So far 2017 has brought me cookies, knitting, crêpes and tea and best friends. If today is any indication, this will be a good year. So far I haven’t slept at all in January but I have high hopes for the next few hours.

I don’t believe in New Year’ resolutions but we have picked two words to live by: brave and adorable, that’s me for the next days. My other possesion was given to me by Agnieszka. I will keep these words in mind during the next year. It was a lovely evening and it actually resultet in a few resolutions.

  1. Brave and  adorable
  2. Do not stress too much, it’s good to keep one’s brain intact
  3. Still enjoy working out
  4. To knit 12 bigger projects for myself
  5.  Learn to appreciate whiskey

This should be doable during this new year, right? Brave and adorable, that’ll be my mottom through that I can handle anything.

Happy New Year!

I’m surprised myself

wpid-dsc_8908.jpg Despite this fall being the busiest ever, I was actually able to go on with my plan, to have everything in order before Christmas and to sit and drink whiskey on December 23, knitting for myself. Earlier this week I thought “good enough” as I wrapped the last of my Christmas gifts. Wednesday was a horrible day in many ways but yesterday evening I had one of the best workouts ever and the energy and endorphines from that made me tidy and vacuum the entire apartment today and also put up the Christmas tree (not to self for next year: get more colored and golden glass baubles as the tree is almost exclusively white and red right now) and change the curtains. This was a bit of a surprise, I had not expected that, but still, here I am, on the evening of December 23, knitting for me and all the rest is finished. I’m not drinking whiskey though, as I’m driving tomorrow, but I am feeling very smug about being done with it all. And I have a tree up!

I wonder where it went


My brain is still not with me but we are a little bit closer to Christmas. I have project that needs to be stuffed and I was going to order some stuffing off the internet. I sent my order and after it was all done I looked at the information I had given and realized that instead of my street address, I had written my phone number at work. Because that seemed… reasonable, I guess. I sent an e-mail to the company and hopefully everything will be okay. If not I will have to find some other kind of stuffing, like rice or paper or something, but it won’t be the same at all. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that my stuffing gets here in time.

And also that my brain soon decides to come back from the holiday it thought well-timed to go on. It could at least have take me with it.

Well, at least some things are a wrap


Today I finally got a little Christmas feeling. I was wrapping gifts and with a lit candle next to me while eating Christmas flavored chocolate (I guess cinnamon is Christmas). Not everything is wrapped but everything brings me one step closer to that dream of sitting calmly knitting for me, or at least not knitting for Christmas, all of last week before Christmas (and for some reason I’ve decided that dream requires whiskey). But there are things to do before that happens. More wrapping, some last minute knitting, some things still need to be purchased and cards need to be written and sent. If I could take a turn with the vacuum cleaner that wouldn’t hurt either.

Also, I need to buy whiskey.

Bright lights in November


Every other year in November there is a light festival in my town. It really brightens up the dark on an otherwise often dark and rainy month. Some years have been excellent lightwise and some has been… not so good. This year the cathedral was the best installation where the towers were lit up in different colors. It has really been a sight this month and I’ve seen it almost every day. It’s been both scary and pretty. The bright red lights have been like evil eyes searching for you while other colors have been like little friends twinkling at you.


Another good one was this one. It’s bright, it’s light and it’s pretty. It caught you and kept you. It had something to do with busy people, if I remember correctly, and it spoke to me. Bright lights are key when we enter the last month of the year, to keep us going till winter solstice. November lights and Christmas lights. Maybe we should invent February lights as well?

We must cultivate our garden


This is my life this week: studies and work out. Me and Candide will become the best of friends this week, at least that’s what he assures me. I have absolutely no idea how much knitting I will manage. I thought I was almost caught up with NaKnitMo and then today I found out I have so much more to do than I thought. So, my goal might be gone and I’ll try to be fine with that. If you need me I’ll be at the gym. Or hidden under a pile of books.

Stitchless but not yarnless

Today is my birthday and I’ve had a great day from the moment I woke up. Now it’s time for bed and I’m exhausted but happy. I got so many greetings and gifts and chocolate and champagne and I didn’t manage to knit a single stitch. I did get yarn in the mail though. It was completely unrelated to my birthday but was a very happy surprise nontheless.

Now I’m going to crawl into bed and read my new book: Shut up, I’m counting. I’m sure it’s awesome!

The best kind of surprise


Another lovely winter’s day and today I have surprised myself by writing an essay about sociolinguistics in French. I wasn’t sure it was going to happen at all and then all of a sudden it was finished (well, not perhaps that all of a sudden, it is very late in the evening now). I was reminded how very interesting I find sociolinguistics and that it really is my field of expertise. I have also met and gone beyond my stitch count for today so I’m not as terribly behind as I was when the day started (judging by this pace though I think I might come 30 000 sts short but that’s fine). Now my head is spinning with French verbes and I need to get to bed. I have a lot of aging to do tonight and I need my sleep.

Never stopping with her head against the wind


It’s been a lovely November day and I was up early and took a walk in the sun to the gym. I realized how much I love sunny winter days. I’m comfortably warm – knitter here – the air is easy to breathe, it’s quiet and peaceful and in the mornings there are not many people out. I can listen to my music while walking at a brisk pace and I enjoy it very much. It’s a good time to use knitwear and also to realize what knitwear you might need. Right now I’m looking into a pair of legwarmers to complete my winter gear. Since I always wear a skirt or a dress I occasionally need stockings or leg warmers in the winter and I’ve never had the time to knit neither. I figure leg wamers might be quicker to knit than a pair of stockings. I’ve always associated legwarmers with 80’s dance movies so I’ll just go for a walk in the sun, listen to Maniac from Flashdance and just embrace my inner Jennifer Beals. I bet my legwarmers will be fancier than her’s though.

The wind in the palm trees


We’re back home again. We’ve switched palm trees, the Mediterranean sea and the Riviera to changing leaves and grey skies and everything that is everyday life. The three hours long plane ride helped make great progress to my second mitt and there are just a few rows left now. A hat and almost a full pair of mitts and the ocean, what a vacation. I’m spending the evening on the couch knitting and dreaming of breaking waves and wind ruffling the palm tree leaves.