Overcast and gloom

Fall has fallen and it’s really November. I know a lot of people don’t like November but I do, as I’ve mentioned before. It’s gloomy and rainy and unusually warm for the season butI can’t help but think that we’re almost in December and Christmas is just around the corner. I’m not sure how I feel about that, I know it will be a more stressful time for me overall, and not just due to Christmas, but I hope I will get some of that Christmas feeling as well.

I don’t mind the gloom right now either, I’m too busy to notice anything else anyway. If only I can finish a sock before it’s time to unwrap the gifts, I’m happy.

Mischievous Friday

Embracing the Friday feeling by going out for coffee. The café actually served lent buns which I’ve never seen in store before Christmas before. My friend had one and said it was great. It actually felt a little mischievous, lent bun in November. That’s unheard of. Once you get to a certain age you don’t need much to feel mischievous, but that’s fine, it makes it easier to spice things up in life.

“Woke up it’s my birthday”

I’ve had this song stuck on my brain all day. “Woke up it’s my birthday.” Well, yes it is! I’ve had a good one too. I woke up early (because someone woke me up early, but with presents and singing and cake and so, no, someone else was hungry) and had a soft morning. Then I headed to school to do a recording for an exam with my class mates. After that me and a friend went out for coffee.

Then I had cake at work, not due to birthday but for other reasons, and then I had bought pastries for my students. All in all I’ve had a lot of sugar today which is perfectly in order and exactly what you are supposed to have on your birthday. I also got good books and greetings and love and had a great day.

The students were happy too… 😉

Are we golden?

This fall is golden! All the leaves and the sun at everything is just gold colored. The river is peaceful and can’t you just see Rat and Mole from The Wind in the Willows pottering about and making their home ready for winter all the while Toad is driving past them in his motorcar? I imagine this is not far from how they live. There is just something very poetic about it all, the fall, the river and The Wind in the Willows.

Gold could perhaps be the color of this fall but I don’t know. There is no call of the color, so to speak. There wasn’t last year either and it seems I didn’t even notice. I was feeling queezy most of last fall though and felt like I was always going head-wind on my bike in a hurry, which is pretty accurate. There simply was no time for a fall color. This year I at least notice that there is so fall color yet but that doesn’t change the fact that there is no fall color yet. It could be light purple, I’m wearing quite a lot of that, but that’s not it. It could be golden though. I still have to marinate the thought a bit first though.

Pleasures of summer pt. 2.7 – the light

Well, technically it’s fall but still. We can also enjoy the pleasures of fall. The light. Being semi young in this in credible town and watch new students arrive. The smell of late night lectures and setting sun. The light. I love it. It’s different depending on the season but oh, so lovely no matter what time of the year it is. You just have to stop and look at it.

I can feel it

First day of the new university semester. This is, finally and from what I can tell right now, my last semester at uni. When the tundra rose blooms, the sky feels higher and the air smells of ripe apples, that’s when school starts and you know it’s fall. It means the start of something and fresh books and new pens. It’s easier to breathe and anything can happen.

It makes me wistful but it’s good, it’s familiar and comforting. There will always be a new fall and the beginning of a new school year. It’s safe and maybe every school year is not super exciting but this year is. It feels great.

It seems I’m not the only one

My love for gradient yarn is no secret. I just love it. But yarn is not the only thing that can be gradient. Today I saw these houses on my walk and it made me so happy. I would love to meet the person who came up with this, it’s so clever. He or she must have had so much fun doing this and the people living here, I really hope they appreciate this lovely idea. Gradient row of houses, what a thing!

The pleasures of summer pt. 2.4 – Lightning

When I was a teenager I once read a book about some kind of spooky mystery. It wasn’t a quality book but it was some kind of escapism and that’s sometimes all you need. I don’t remember much of the plot, I don’t even remember the title (there might have been some kind of cursed doll house in there…?) but I do remember one thing: the weather. Throughout the book the heat is paramount. It’s hot, it’s sticky, it’s smelly, it’s suffocating and it’s just awful. Everybody is suffering. It’s the kind of heat that is almost scary, there is nothing likeable about it. At the end (when the cursed doll house is supposed to be revealed somehow…?) the heat come to its peak and results in a huge and terrifying thunder storm. As readers and watchers of thrillers will know, a thunder storm means trouble.

Not to me though. I love thunder storms. They are a bit scary, I admit that (especially this morning when we were woken up by thunder just above our building), but that’s also the thrill of it. We can do so much these days but nature will always be able to kick our ass and a thunder storm is a great way to remind us of that. Today we’ve had a huge thunder storm and I’ve loved it. We’ve had a huge heat wave the past few weeks and it now culminated in a spectacular and exciting thunder storm. Me Made couldn’t have cared less about the thunder storm (I hope we will share the love of thunder storms in years to come though) but was happy the temperature dropped. The earth loved the rain, the street outside our building flooded and I have been giddy all day (also, I’ve been happy I didn’t have to go outside).

A summer filled with rain gets old pretty quickly but I sure love a good thunder storm every once in a while.

(And so far, I haven’t seen a single doll house all day, neither regular nor cursed. (It might not have been about a doll house. I wonder what it was though…)).

The pleasures of summer pt. 2.3 – Friends

Today’s pleasure of summer is of course strawberries and flowers but most of all friends being in the area and dropping by. Summer usually means time off which means more time to do fun things like small trips which means visiting friends. Today my friend Fatou was in the area and dropped by. She brought strawberries, chocolate and a beautiful lily and she played with Me Made who seemed very pleased with the visit.

Last year for her birthday I made Fatou wrist warmers to match her hair. They were purple and petrol. This year, Fatou’s hair is blue…