The heat reflection

There have been a few really hot days and I’m reminded about last summer. Last summer was insufferably hot and we endured pain, worry, depression and visits to the hospital. We couldn’t go outdoors until the evening when there was more shade and it just kept going week after week. No one was happy and I’m glad we’ve had these hot days, partly to remember that no, I wasn’t crazy, last summer was hard, and partly because we’ve been able to handle it so much better this time, now that Einar is older. We’ve gone to the beach and the playground and spent as much time as possible on my mum’s porch. I’m not as scared of the sun as last summer either, and it’s also been so much easier now that we can go by bike and don’t have to walk with the stroller everywhere. It’s much cooler to ride a bike than to walk.

This week it will be cooler again and I welcome it. I liked the reminder, and I’m really happy about the trip to the beach, but now I’m fine with going back to cooler days. If nothing else, I have a load of gooseberries that wants to become marmalade and I’m not cooking berries for an hour during a heat wave.

Too hot to darn

It’s been so hot today and we’ve spent the day at the playground at various times. The sandbox is a hit even though the mother is less than fond of sand. I guess sand is a phase that mot people has to go through at one point in life. So far Einar is happy with just trying to dig in the sand, without the help of anyone, although most of the sand ends up on himself. I don’t do sand but I can do swings so we swing a lot too.

It’s way too hot to knit and I really hope it will cool down soon so I can finish my stealth project before the deadline.

It’s summer

I’m starting to think it’s summer. Normally I wouldn’t call it summer until school is out but that happens on Wednesday and the signs are all here, it’s summer. The rape is blooming, I had ice-cream today and strawberries, the rhubarb is high and the lawn needs mowing. It’s summer. Midsummer is in three weeks, school is out in three days and I just don’t think it’s necessary to wait any longer, it’s summer.

The peonies are budding, the nights are light, the garden furniture is out and I think it’s safe to say – it’s summer.

Tea cleaning

Today I organized my tea shelf. As I’ve been trying to lose a few pounds of yarn in the stash I’ve also tried to get the upper hand of my tea shelf. It’s been a bit out of control lately and I’ve tried to contain it, one tea cup at a time.

I can be a bit sentimental but today I showed no mercy. I opened beautifully wrapped Japanese green tea (which I probably never will drink, I really don’t like green tea but I couldn’t throw it out either, I wasn’t that merciless).

I found weird herbal tea with the cutest little sugar sticks (again, too bad I don’t take sugar in my tea).

I realized I have plenty of my favorite herbal tea (I’m not really super fond of herbal tea but this one is top notch), a tea with mint and apple. It tastes well and smells fantastic.

I have so many tea caddies but this one is probably the most exceptional. It’s a book. It opens as a book and in there is the tea.

The end result looks great and I could fit all my tea in there. I’ve divided the shelf into black tea, herbal, red, and green tea and then empty tea caddies plus tea pots.

Now I can continue to finish it up, one tea cup at a time.

Things that keep me sane

I went to work out today for the first time in forever and it was amazing. It’s important to remember to do things that gives you energy when life in general is tough. Work out gives me energy. Knitting gives me energy. Seeing loved ones gives me energy. Smelling the lilacs and watching the trees bloom give me energy. Watching Einar eating strawberries gives me energy. I need to prioritize those things so I don’t lose myself in my work, which is easy this time of the year. Tonight I went to work out. Tomorrow I will knit.


The light this evening was magical. A soft May rain, a rainbow and a lovely sunset. This time of the year is truly amazing and reminds me that I can never move away from here.

Not only was the light magical, the evening itself was great. We had dinner with friends, the kids “played” and grown-ups talked and smelled the lilacs and it was the perfect and great end to a pretty bad week. Between us we’ve had fever and snot and teething, bruises and wounds and colds and bad sleep and there has been no end to the madness. We all needed something else and dinner was perfect. Einar got to “play” with this friend and his parents got to talk with theirs’, all the while eating great food.

If that wasn’t enough, Einar slept for two hours today and I managed to finish the body of a baby cardigan. That was much needed knitting time. I really must make sure I get that regularly, otherwise I go under. I’ve cast on a sleeve now. It’ll be fine.

Between coughs and handkerchieves

So, we had a lovely birthday party last weekend and then everyone got sick and we lost a week. We’re still not fully back to normal. This means the week as been extra busy and everything has taken twice as long. It’s May so there is too much going on and it really isn’t the time to get sick. But alas, that’s what happened. I have knit about four rows in total this past week.

But, the lilacs are in bloom and they smell amazing. This week will also pass and hopefully next week will be better.

Earlier and earlier

I will say it again, it’s too soon. I said that last year and years before that. Last year it was May 8 when I noticed the first little lilac flower. However, it usually slows down, if previous years are anything to go by. That doesn’t stop the fact that this little flower is here and to be honest, I quite like it. It’s a little comforting knowing it’s here and that there are more to come. I will really try to make the most of it.


It feels like it’s downhill to summer now. Only a few weeks left and then summer vacation is here. It will be a few busy weeks, work and work and some more work and of course having out and have fun with Me Made and then, before I know it, it will be summer. That’s what May is usually about and that’s why it’s important to stop ever once in a while and enjoy. Enjoy the flowers, the smells, the birds singing and Me Made moving and speaking. I have a rule to stop and smell every lilac and I think that’s more important than ever these days. It will be busy but also fun and I’m so much looking forward to it all.

The coltsfoot principle

If there is one thing that is a sure sign of spring for me, it’s this little flower. When I was a kid I was told that this is the first flower to bloom in the spring and although I’m not sure that’s correct (the croci in the flower beds has already withered for example) but I still find the coltsfoot to be the first sign of spring. Today I saw it, it’s spring for sure.