Today Me Made and me took a little field trip and visited grandma at work. Grandma was happy but Me Made was more interested in food and showed no interest in the words written on the board. That’s fine when you’re only four weeks old. Then we all went for coffee and a walk and had a very pleasant afternoon. The weather is a bit warmer again and wool is not an option. I wonder if we will ever have to wear wool again this summer. Maybe I have to knit a light short sleeved cotton cardigan for Me Made as well as for myself…

A cardigan in need

Over a year ago I cast on a baby cardigan. It was meant for a friend’s baby but I never managed to finish it, mainly due to buttons being boring and me writing a BA thesis and working full time at the same time. I did sew the buttons in October last year, when the intended recipient was way too big for it. So I put the finished cardigan away and didn’t think of it again. It wasn’t intended for Me Made and therefore I didn’t include it among the baby related items I made for that occasion.

It’s a cute cardigan, a bit asymmetrical and a fun yarn. Nothing wrong with it, besides being done too late. I didn’t know what to make of it and almost forgot about it.

It’s been a very warm May and little Me Made is barely wearing clothes at all, its just too much of an inconvenience. Then, in the beginning of the week, we suddenly had a cooler day. Since I’m not used to it I wasn’t sure what to do, what to put on Me Made. I figured a onesie and pants would be good but what kind of sweater? I have one that is approximately the right size but it’s in cotton and I worried that might be too cold. Then it hit me – the pink and gray cardigan. It’s wool and the right size. It was perfect and little Me Made wore it for two days straight. Then the temperature went up again and it’s now too warm for a wool cardigan. It might be the only time this cardigan will be worn, at least by Me Made, but for those two days, it was essential.

Pattern: Peanut Warmer by Taiga Hilliard Designs. Color: Austermann Merino 105 Color, color 1301. Mods: switched increases from kfb to M1.

“Den ljusnande framtid är vår”

Today it’s been 15 years since I graduated from high school. June 6, 2003. I wrote about it when it had been ten years and I thought about all that had happened in my life since 2003. It was quite a lot. Perhaps it hasn’t happened that much in the past five years but on the other hand the things that have happened are quite big.

The most important things are (chronologically):

  • I have bought my first apartment. That was big. Both the apartment and the purchase.
  • I got married. That was super fun and still the best party I’ve ever been to. And yes, super big.
  • I’ve gone back to school to change carriers. I’m not done yet but this past year has given me a lot more challenge than the past five years before that combined carrierwise. I’m changeing and I’m challeneged and it’s been so much fun. I’ve met new people and formed new friendships and I’ve learned so much and it’s been both awarding and instructive.
  • I’ve gotten a new family member and it will be so very interesting to follow little Me Made on this life journey. And obviously also to cover in hand knit love.

Obviously a lot of other things have happened. I’ve gotten new friends, I’ve kept and gotten closer to old ones, I’ve traveled, I’ve worked and I’ve worked out, I’ve gotten new and fun jobs, I’ve gotten stronger and better, I’ve fought and I’ve laughed and I’ve loved and I’ve knit.

These 15 years have been good and I’m ready for the next chapter with a new carrier and this new life journey together with Me Made. New books and new patterns, new yarn and new projects. New friends and old friends and surprises and challenges and lots and lots of fun.

I’m ready!
Happy 15 years graduation anniversary to all of my class mates from high school, it’s been fun!


Today we took another important step towards summer. We had strawberries (and rhubarb and cake). Strawberries are a very important ingredient when it comes to summer and I will keep eating them all summer long.

“I’ve got the girls on my mind”

I’ve been talking a lot of colors lately, while knitting in black (as you can tell, this is quite traumatic for me and I need to process it), so I figure I should just embrace it by showing you this shawl that I made last year. I finished it in December so I haven’t had that much opportunity to wear it before now (it’s clearly a spring and summer shawl, not a Christmas one).

I got the yarn last summer and it immeadiately spoke to me through the web page. The names spoke to me and then it was just a matter of finding a pattern. I sometimes buy yarn based on the color names and this was one of those times. (I once got yarn because it was called Holly Golightly, I mean come on, who can resist yarn named after Audrey Hepburn?) I saw the name of the pink yarn, Party Fever, and I immeadiately started humming the song Party in My Pants by Beatrice Eli. I knew I needed it. The green yarn was called Admire Me and it seemed to go well both with the Party yarn and with Beatrice Eli herself so I got that too because obviously I needed a Beatrice Eli shawl.

It took me a while to find the perfect pattern but once I saw this one it was clear this was it. It’s called It’s Good to Be a Girl and that fit well with my Beatrice Eli inspired shawl. It really is good to be a girl. So we have Party Fever (or Party in My Pants as I keep calling it), Admire Me and It’s Good to Be a Girl, I’m sure you can see the theme here.

I knit the shawl, I tweaked it a bit so it would fit with two colors instead of just one, and I finished it and this spring I started wearing it. It’s so beautiful. The pink is a perfect pink (perfect pink is very important) and the size is fine. It’s a happy shawl and it’s colorful and works well with the summer season. And also, there is a good amount of the green left, which will probably come to good use now that I’m looking for another great colorful project.

Pattern: It’s Good to Be a Girl by Chrissy Prange. Yarn: Twisted Merino from Fru Valborg, colors Party Fever and Admire Me. Mods: I made it a two color shawl and tweaked it so that the color change happened on a right side. I also knit till I ran out of pink yarn.

The title is from the song Girls by Beatrice Eli.

Colorful dreamin’

It’s been an incredibly hot day and little Me Made is suffering so we’ve spent all day indoors. During the few moments of free time I’ve knit on my black summer cardigan. I don’t have much time but it looks like it could be a quick knit (not counting the finishing, there are seams and such), I’ve knit almost 15 cm of the back today, which is great. I knit when I can and I dream of a little cooler days and more colorful projects (literally, I have plans!).

The first step on a long dark journey

I’m desperate for some knitting time. I can tell by the signs (and obviously the itch in my fingers): I buy yarn and patterns. I’ve seen this before, when I don’t have the time to knit, I buy yarn instead. This is what happens now. And, I have been swatching for my new cardigan today, but it’s a project more of need than of fun. I have a lot of black tank tops to wear this summer and I need a cardy to go with (although the weather lately does not invite even breezy cotton summer cardigans). So, I’ve cast on a black cotton lace cardigan. It’s not a project I would have picked otherwise, without the black tank tops, but it’s one I need. And since black is not my favorite color in knitting, I buy yarn. Yarn in light colors, beautiful light green and pink and everything nice. Hopefully this cardigan will go by fast because I can barely fit anymore yarn in my stash and this is not a sustainable method, let me tell you.

Okay, time to knit so I can finally finish!

Summer is here

Today I had my final exam this semester and now I’m on summer vacation from studies and on parental leave from work. It’s quite nice, I must say, and U celebrated by finishing a baby sock, the second in the pair. Summer vacation means that while I also take care of little Me Made, I can do whatever I want when Me Made is asleep. That means I can sleep, which will probably happen, but I can also knit, which is also likely to happen. Summer is here and for once I can enjoy it this early without having to stress at work while waiting for vacation at the beginning of July. I will try and make the most of it, together with my knitting and my Me Made. I’ll start by looking at the flowers.

Such a relief

On my way home today, I ran in to a paper back sale. Ten books later I was a very happy customer. Only crime novels, perfect for summer, and they will hopefully not require too much brain activity on my part. These past sixteen days I’ve squeezed (as in “read quickly”) seven books, mostly during the light spring nights, and nights are not my intelectual prime time, so to speak.

I’ve been worried I would run out of something to read but now I can calm down, these should last me at least another sixteen days. Perfect preparation for the summer holiday.

A little MMMay ’18 update

I have continued to try and do MMMay ’18 the days when I leave the house. It’s not as easy as one might think, the weather is very nice and wool is not really an option right now and I haven’t knit that much in cotton for myself. I should correct that for future MMMays.

The other day I did wear my Vitamin D though, despite the heath. I was a little cold one evening and put it on for a little while. The picture is from the winter of 2013, that’s why there is snow on the ground. Today I wore my Full Spectrum, a very nice shawl (that could really benefit from a re-block), probably one of the best I own and it goes with pretty much anything.

Now I have four days in front of me without a single plan besides feeding little Me Made and studying every moment when Me Made is sleeping. I doubt there will be much hand knit worn though, unfortunately. We’ll see.