Stash dash 2017 pt. 6 and weekend plans

It’s Sunday evening and I have done my best to meet my goals. So how have I done?

Well, no. 1:

The stash is organized! This is a huge accomplishment and I’m really happy about it. It seems I knit most in light fingering and fingering weight and it’s also these weights together with worsted that I seem to buy the most. I also now have 17 empty project bags (out of approximately 30). I should knit more from leftovers in fingering weight though because that section is just waiting to flood.

No. 2. I have blocked three pairs of socks.

No. 3. I am about three ridges into clue 6 on the MKAL.

No. 4. I have put together the package but I haven’t mailed it yet. I will do that tomorrow.

No. 5. I have wounded five skeins of yarn and swatched. I did get stuck though. Apparently I only have one 3,25 mm needle. One. One single needle. One needle doesn’t make a knitting. I have to go to the yarn store tomorrow and pick up a new pair. Therefore I haven’t cast on yet so technically I haven’t met this goal.

No. 6. I have contemplated knitworthyness but not nearly as much as I want to. On the other hand, I feel better about it so it was good anyway.

All in all I’m happy about my weekend, knitwise, even though I had hoped to have cast on my new knitting. I will take care of that tomorrow though. And also bring a back up knitting in case this doesn’t work out.

Stash Dash 2017 pt. 5 – Leftovers

What do other knitters do with their leftovers? That’s the question I’ve been asking myself tonight. I have a huge amount of leftovers, as I’m sure does every knitter. Before I just stashed them in color coded sections in the stash but it wasn’t working and now that the stash section containing un-knit yarn, so to speak, has expanded in order to create a better over view and organization, something must be done about the leftovers. Some of it is pretty useless but some of it can become other things, like wristwarmers or something even bigger when combined. Some of it I know what it is and some… I have no idea. But, I can see the end of Stash Dash 2017 and I have saved the best for last, as a treat for when I’m done dealing with the leftovers, to add the freezer yarn to the stash. There are a lot of goodies in there that can finally move in to the new and improved stash and I’m actually very excited to get to use it.

But first, leftovers!

Big plans for the weekend

I’m leaving town again on Monday and for this weekend I have put up a few knitting and yarn related goals.

1. Finish Stash Dash 2017. It does sound like a very big goal but it’s really “just” the left overs… well, left, so that should be fine. I won’t go into knitting needles although those could really do with some love as well.

2. Block a few more items. I have a few socks that are getting a bath right now and although I could block two shawls as well, I’m happy as long as the socks get done (as one has to be realistic).

3. Get as many clues as possible done on the current MKAL so as not to get stuck too far behind (I’ve just finished clue 4, we received clue 6 earlier today).

4. Mail a knitted gift to a friend since I don’t know when I’ll see her next.

5. Wind yarn for next project, the one I will bring on my trip.

6. Contemplate knitworthyness. And how to tame the stash (aka, planning my next projects, out of stash yarn)… I will repeat to myself “it’s okay to use stash yarn” over and over.

This should be doable, right? If I get feeling I might weave in the ends of a pair of mitts as well but that’s a big IF.

Pattern: Gerda Hildur by Birgitta Adolfsson. Yarn: Babyull Lanett from Sandnes, color 6033 Mellomblå. 15 pattern repeats.

To watch grass grow

I’ve blocked things for the first time in months. Then I got a cold (I know, it just came by full force in just an hour) and now I don’t have the energy to do anything else. I’ll just sit and watch these items dry while I try to feel better. I don’t think the blocking and the cold are related but they happened right after one another. We’ll see what comes first, my recovery or finished knitted items.

Two years!

“If you find a non-knitter who thinks what you do is clever, beautiful and artistic; who never asks for knitted stuff but wears it with pride when you give it to him or her; and will help you carry home a whole fleece or a stack of stitch dictionaries without once implying that you might want to get a grip – marry that person.” From Knitting Rules! by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, p. 8.

And I did!

Without hairbrush but happy anyway

After a week of this (and some other things as well), I’m back home where I belong. It’s been an adventure but home is where your stash is. I’m back with my tea, my couch, my cardigan and my knitting. What I don’t have is my hairbrush since my luggage got stuck in Frankfurt when we had a very tight connection and had to run from one gate to the other in order to catch the plane. I prefer getting home though, even without luggage, over spending the night at the airport. Hopefully the luggage will come tomorrow. Luckily I had my glasses and my knitting in the carry-on so everything is really okay (except I quite need that hairbrush, but that is solved as well since Julle is a dear and picked up a new one for me). My newest life hack is to always keep my glasses in the carry-on, should I wear contacts when I fly.

Gone South

I have relocated for the week. There is no knitting (I know, I need to fix this at some point) but instead sun, warmth, ice cream, some swimming in the ocean and mosaics. I’ll catch up once I get back to the stash (home is where your stash is, right?) again. In the meantime you can find me either under a parasoll on the beach or inside a 1500 year church, both equally lovely😊

Stash Dash 2017 pt. 4

So, the first part of Stash Dash 2017 is finished. All yarns are now in their designated sections and the next step is to move on to leftovers. That will have to wait though, as I will be busy the following week and not around the stash that much. The last sorting wasn’t as difficult as I initially thought and things got much easier once I realized that all the yarns in the picture are actually the same, just different amount (and colors). I must say it took me a while to figure out, longer than I care to admit, but in the end I finally got it. The new order in the stash it very neat but I’m sure this is just a phase and soon everything will be a bit crazy again.

Stash Dash 2017 pt. 3

Stash Dash 2017 is progressing nicely. I have filled more and more sections and I surprise myself with my previous yarn choices. I thought for sure I hade more DK weight than sport weight but so far, no. I also thought I had way more DK than worsted but again, no. Sure, I’m not yet done but the tendencies so far points to this conclusion. What you see in the picture is lace weight till worsted weight. Then I have a couple of other sections as well but they are not nearly as filled. It doesn’t look like there is much yarn in the shelves when looking at it like this so I’m glad I took pictures of it while it was out on the floor. I should really count it as well.

I must have had so many plans to knit sweaters in the past because I have enough yarn in the same color and same weight to knit several. I know that I’ve made commitments in the past to knit more sweaters but I didn’t know I actually bought so much yarn as well. I can make purple sweaters, pink ones, yellow ones, red ones, striped ones and so on. Maybe it’s time to actually get going on that, that would certainly free up some stash space. And I also need to remember that it’s okay to use stash yarn. It’s okay to use stash yarn. It’s okay to use stash yarn.

The floor is getting empty but there are still some skeins there that need to find their way to the stash. Some of them are without ballbands so for those I’ll just have to make a guess. That’s going to be interesting…

Stash Dash 2017 pt. 2

I’m continuing my re-organization. It’s now time to put the yarn back in their separate sections and it takes so much time! Some yarn I know which weight they are but for some I have to check on Ravelry to see what weight it is. I’m following the classification on Ravelry, I thought that was easiest.

 I have filled the lace and light fingering sections and most of the fingering sections and there are definitely holes in the piles I made yesterday but there is still a lot of yarn left. Most of it is DK and Sport I think but there is definitely quite a lot of worsted as well.  The yarn brand I own most of is Malabrigo , since I know which weight that is I have started to move all those skeins, and Rios has already filled an entire section and so has Sock as well. I don’t know where this will end but it’s nice.

The is one thing that I find crazy though. I don’t knit much in lace yarn, almost never actually and for that reason I don’t buy lace weight yarn. Nevertheless, it’s clear that I own a lot of lace weight yarn. I don’t know how that happened but I do. Apparently I need to knit in lace (or just never buy another skein of lace weight yarn) before the lace yarns spread to another section as well (which would be utterly ridiculous since I don’t knit much in lace weight). I think I like the latter idea best…