It’s finally here, the color of the year!

Zebra socks might have way too many ends to weave in, in the end, but they are fun to knit too. I’m going to try to twist it a bit so that I reduce four ends per sock this time, and perhaps also weave in some ends while I go along. This color combination is quite nice, especially when the brown and the blue meet. This is not the first time I’ve looked at that combination this winter. My latest MKAL kit also contains blue and brown. Could that be this year’s color? A little late to the party, I admit, but this year hasn’t exactly been ordinary.   It feels good to have found the combination of the year, I like traditions. I’ve done it for almost a decade (although I’m unsure about 2017, was there a color that year? Or was I too busy feeling ill and tired to notice any colors?) and it’s fun to see what I pick each year. Blue and brown is a new combination, I’m intrigued.

My brain wasn’t completely missing at least

I might have forgotten about those mittens that I mentioned in my last post, but there was something I did manage to do this summer. Do you remember the list I made? I made that in the beginning of July, which is when things started to get really crazy, so let’s se how I did.

First on the list is a cowl. Well, I did make myself a cowl. And I wore it a lot. And it’s beautiful. I didn’t show it on the blog but I’ve worn it and liked it quite a lot. Now it’s too cold for it but it will be summer again soon enough.

Pattern: Let It Flow by Alla Saenko. Yarn: Eco Baby from Debbie Bliss, colors 14030 (Pale Blue?) and 14006.

Second on the list is a baby cardigan. I did make a baby cardigan. I don’t know if that sweater has been worn but I know that the baby who received it is lovely.

Third is a lace shawl and we all know I did make a lace shawl. It took some time but in the end I did it. And it looks good.

See, I managed to do what I set out to do. I made all the things on the list, and some other things as well, even though I did forget about those mittens. Maybe it’s time to make another list?

Memory loss

It seems I promised someone to knit them a pair of mittens this past summer. I was reminded of it about a month ago and had to embarrassingly admit that I had completely forgotten about the whole thing. I must have heard the words “mittens” and then let go of the entire thing. It’s not like me at all, but it seems to be the case this time. Now it also seems I got a pattern for those mittens I and can’t remember one thing about it, least of all how that pattern looked. What has happened to my memory? Can I blame the little person in the picture? I admit, this summer was a bit crazy in so many ways: heat, hospital visits and a tiny baby. I just must have forgotten about a pair of mittens (I mean, it was impossible to even think about wool during that heat), read while being sleep deprived and unhappy. Hopefully we can remember the name of the pattern and perhaps find it again.

How much is enough?

The socks are finished, or just a block away. I thought I would run close on yarn but it turns out I have 25 grams left. That’l like 70 meters. It might not look like a lot but when you consider that I bought three skeins and if one pair of socks takes 75 grams, that means I will have enough leftovers for a whole other pair of socks once I’ve knit up the three skeins. Four for the prize of three.

It’s tricky, this yarn business. The other day I met a knitter who was very worried about the amount of yarn she had left and convinced she wouldn’t have enough. I asked what she had left and it turned out it wasn’t much. Then we weighed the yarn and it turned out she had 5 grams left. It doesn’t sound a lot but remember, it only takes 75 grams to make a pair of socks, and she only had a few rows left of the yoke. I assured her she would have enough so let’s keep our fingers crossed that she did.

Yarn, one never does what will be enough and what won’t.

“We’re moving on and we can’t slow down”

Today was my graduation day. After a huge choreographed ceremony I am now a bit tired but happy and feel utterly unprepared to go to work tomorrow. But it will be fine. My closest family was there and little Me Made was a trooper and fell asleep about halfway through. After the ceremony we went out to dinner, although Me Made had to go home with grandma, and celebrated some more. I brought my knitting and managed to get a few rows in there. A lot of pomp and circumstance and happiness and laughter and a little bit of sadness that an era is over.

Or, over might not be the correct term, we have an exam Thursday.

Graduation Song – Vitamin C.

A blue cuff

A new knitting is up on the needles, a knitting that held me company out and about today. It’s another pair of socks and I’m already past the dreaded cuff. It’s one of those socks with a absurd amount of ends to weave in, but let’s not think about that right now, that’s a problem for another day. Right now it’s all about knitting!

Two at a time?

I have reached the cuff on my second sock and I think it’s safe to say that I will have enough yarn to finish. I’m a bit surprised actually but nonetheless happy. I’ve never been intrigued by the thought to knit two socks at the same time. I’ve rarely had a problem with Second Sock Syndrome (now sleeves, that’s a different story) and I like the feeling of a finished sock. I know people who really likes knitting two at a time but for me it works best with one at a time. But then again I also prefer dpn’s over magic-loop. I have also met people who are intrigued by the thought of knitting two at the same time but once they find out that you need two balls of yarn, or att least two ends from the same ball, they are not as impressed anymore. No matter if you knit the socks side by side or one inside the other it requires two yarn ends. One knitter was very persistent that it could be done anyway and I figured she had to try for herself (although she insisted I taught her but didn’t want to hear anything about it requiring two ends). I hope that she understood that it can’t be done, when she gave it a thought. Unless of course you want socks so attached to each other that you can’t move your feet, or even get them on your feet…

The most important

Today I was knitting in public at a café and a mother and her child were there as well. The child commented on my knitting. “Look, a sock!” I commended the child on being spot on, this is indeed a sock (or two but only one on the needles), and a lot of grown-ups often have a hard time seeing what I’m making. The mother started talking to her child about knitting, that the child’s grandmother does it (yep, I’m comparable to a grandmother and here I am only eight months into being a mother. I like grandmothers so it’s nice to know I already have some of the qualities) and that the mother wished she did it more but she doesn’t have the time. That got me thinking. How come I have time and she doesn’t?

Sure, her child is older than mine, maybe she even has more than one, but she must also prioritize other things than me. Or is she secretly mocking me for my lazy life where I have so much spare time that I can spend it on such un-necessary things as knitting? I don’t know but I do wonder why I have the time and she doesn’t. What is she doing during her spare time?

There are absolutely things I wish I did more: cross-stitch, bobbin lace, coloring and reading, but I know that knitting is the most important thing and I don’t prioritize the other stuff as much and I have myself to blame for not doing the other things. But they just aren’t as important as knitting. Knitting keeps me sane and makes me able to cope with other and more stressful things. When other things in life calm down (perhaps when I retire and Me Made has grown up), then maybe I can free up more time to do all the other things AND still knit as much as I do. Till then I will just prioritize the knitting!

(Don’t worry, I prioritize Me Made over everything but when the baby sleeps, I knit.)

The comfort of the well known

Today I’ve had what might be my last seminar at the university and that’s a little scary. I’ve considered university some sort of a home for over 15 years. It’s not always been a walk in the park and we’ve had our differences but we’ve moved together and we’ve changed and tried to change each other. She’s been there, old and grumpy and backwards but always reliable, no matter what I’ve been doing. We don’t always want each other and we don’t always get along but we also understand each other in so many ways. She’s formed me and I like to think I’ve formed her in at least some ways. When we first met I was so young and a little naïve and she was old and indulgent. Now she’s even older and I’m not as young as I once was (thank goodness) but I’m oh, so much wiser (thanks to her, in more ways than she might intended). She has made me doubt and she has given me confidence and experiences. We don’t always get along but I will be loyal to her and always defend her to the outside world.

University has helped in many ways. She has taught me things I didn’t know and things I’ve wondered about and I’d like to think that I too have made a little mark in her long history, although there’s been so many others before me. She makes me comfortable, when I’m with her I know what I am and what I do and what is expected of me and I know what she is and what she’ll do. I’ve met her many faces and with her I feel safe.

Today I had what might be my last seminar. It will be a while before I come back. I’m believe I will come back though, this relationship is too important to let go of eternally, one day or another. Perhaps sooner than expected.

A pink picture

I’m almost at the heel of my second sock. The yarn feels so good to work with and the color is so lovely. And toe-up works fine. The pattern is designed for this yarn and it has assured me that one skein will be enough but I wonder. That ball is not very big and there is a lot of sock left. I think it might work but it will be close.

With this project so close to the finish line I have started glancing at other projects. What should I cast on next?