Oven notes 2

Last week was the last meeting with my evening class and we had decided on a potluck. I made a kladdkaka and I think it was much appreciated. Look at that table, we had an amazing last meeting. So good!

But, back to the kladdkaka. Since my oven can be a bit erratic I was a little nervous about the cake. Normally it should sit in the oven for 20-35 minutes but when half an hour had passed it wasn’t even near done. So I waited another 15 minutes and it still wasn’t done. I waited again and no, not done. Waited and not done. This went on and on and on. When the cake had been in the oven for an insane one hour and 45 minutes I finally took it out. It was done although it could have benefited from perhaps another 15 minutes in the oven.

It was good and that’s all that matters though.


The light this evening was magical. A soft May rain, a rainbow and a lovely sunset. This time of the year is truly amazing and reminds me that I can never move away from here.

Not only was the light magical, the evening itself was great. We had dinner with friends, the kids “played” and grown-ups talked and smelled the lilacs and it was the perfect and great end to a pretty bad week. Between us we’ve had fever and snot and teething, bruises and wounds and colds and bad sleep and there has been no end to the madness. We all needed something else and dinner was perfect. Einar got to “play” with this friend and his parents got to talk with theirs’, all the while eating great food.

If that wasn’t enough, Einar slept for two hours today and I managed to finish the body of a baby cardigan. That was much needed knitting time. I really must make sure I get that regularly, otherwise I go under. I’ve cast on a sleeve now. It’ll be fine.

Between coughs and handkerchieves

So, we had a lovely birthday party last weekend and then everyone got sick and we lost a week. We’re still not fully back to normal. This means the week as been extra busy and everything has taken twice as long. It’s May so there is too much going on and it really isn’t the time to get sick. But alas, that’s what happened. I have knit about four rows in total this past week.

But, the lilacs are in bloom and they smell amazing. This week will also pass and hopefully next week will be better.

Baby cake

Yesterday Me Made turned one and we had a small party for him. I made a cake out of banana waffles with mashed mango and banana purée in between and strawberries and raspberries on top. It was a good baby cake but perhaps not for grown-ups.

Luckily the grown-ups could eat cupcakes instead. I had so much fun decorating them, matching the sprinkles with the moulds. Chocolate cupcake with raspberry frosting, it was very good. And I especially love my cupcake tin, it makes things so much easier and I don’t have to worry about the moulds collapsing.

Together with ballons, friends and family and goodies my baby had a very good birthday, and so did we.

Oven notes

And eventually we got to the cupcakes. I feel like I’m such a newbie when it comes to all things baked even though I have made plenty of cupcakes before. Both flour based and wool based ones. It has been a while though and although I do dare to use the oven again, it’s not as reliable as I would like.

In the end my cupcakes looked like this (I’ll put the frosting on tomorrow), but that wasn’t until they had been in the oven twice the amount of time stated. 30 minutes instead of 15. That must mean there is something weird going on with my oven, don’t you think? This time it won’t stop me form using it though and now I know that cupcakes need 30 minutes in 180 degrees.

Not for me this year

May is progressing and I’m doing fairly okay. Both me and Me Made has worn some handmade things. It’s been a bit cooler than it was in April so wool is kind of nice. I’ve worn Knitangle, of course, I love that shawl, but I’ve also dug out Qwist mitts. They are super cute and I really like them, but they don’t go so well with my other clothes. I should do something about that. Me Made has also worn his Easter cardigan.

The thing is, I’m not feeling it. I don’t have the energy to dig out knitwear and try to combine them with new things. I’ll keep trying but I won’t officially do MeMadeMay 2019. And that is totally fine.

I consider it a success

I have finished my spring shawl. In the end I only had some grey and some white left, and a little bit of purple. All the rest is gone so my left over shawl is quite a success in that area.  Whether or not it’s a success in other areas as well will have to wait till I’ve weaved in the million ends and blocked it, but no matter what, the intent was to use up some leftover and that’s what I did. This pattern could also be good if I were looking for something to do with all the mini skeins I seem to hoard right now. It’s a good pattern.

Earlier and earlier

I will say it again, it’s too soon. I said that last year and years before that. Last year it was May 8 when I noticed the first little lilac flower. However, it usually slows down, if previous years are anything to go by. That doesn’t stop the fact that this little flower is here and to be honest, I quite like it. It’s a little comforting knowing it’s here and that there are more to come. I will really try to make the most of it.

A stretch

For today to count in the Me Made May 2019 we have to stretch the rules quite a bit. Yesterday we bought some terrycloth with a plastic side and today I cut it and put it in Me Made’s bed. No hemming was necessary, just some measuring and some cutting. If that counts as Me Made May we don’t have high demands. On the other hand, Me Made is using it and I made sure that could happen (and will probably save me a wash or two).

I think it will have to marinated with me a bit, if this counts. I’m also wearing a pair of socks but it’s the same I wore the other night so nothing different. It will be easier during weekdays, I think.

A new favorite

I still haven’t decided on MeMadeMay2019 yet but if I do, I’m on track. Me Made has worn the bonnet and I have worn a skirt my mother has made for me, one that I wear quite often, and a pair of socks when I was cold the other evening.

Today I wore a shawl that I made last year, one of the MKAL’s. I’ve gotten surprisingly much use of it over the year and that makes me so happy because I was really careful when I picked out the colors and it worked out very well.

Not to mention I managed to make it with Me Made next to me. (After this there was a little break in the knitting time but I gained it back eventually.) The shawl matches my spring coat and I think I’ve worn it so much it could really benefit from a reblock.

So far it’s been fairly easy to wear something different every day but further down the road it will be trickier. The idea to botanize a bit in my shawl drawer is quite appealing though.

Pattern: Life in the Country by Cindy Garland. Yarn: Tranquil from Stunning String Studio, colors Freesia and Moroccan Blue. No mods.