I’m ready for the next one

Haha, I have made the heel and the gusset on my movie sock and it’s now ready for the next movie night. I figure that if one movie got the leg done, then another movie should get me to the toe increases. That should make four movies before I have a new pair of socks. That’s not bad. I simply have to go to the movies more often since my ratio is about three a year and I’m not sure I want to wait over a year for my socks.

They are turning out very pretty too but I’m a bit bummed about the color gradually changing on the heel flap instead of the leg or the foot. That way no one will really see it and neither will I. Oh well, better luck on the next sock.


So, I managed to finish the preparations for my new knitting. I’ve been thinking of doing this for a while and when a good friend of mine told me she had done it and it worked fine so I figured I should try. Tonight I got the opportunity and I feel like I’ve really leveled up in my knitting. I’ve knit at the movies! I even remembered to use wooden needles.

I know, I know, this is something all of you have done for quite some time but I haven’t before. I don’t go to the movies that often and I’ve been a little hesitant to try. It really wasn’t difficult at all. I was even able to pick up a dropped stitch. This opens up a whole new world! The only problem is that it’s all about vanilla socks at the movies and all my delicious sock yarn will look so much better in the Business Casual pattern. Nevertheless, I’ve started a pair of movies socks and now I should really finish the heel before the next time I go to watch a movie.

Most problematic was actually to be able to knit and eat my snacks but I managed that too in the end.

At least I had fun doing it

Priorities are funny things. I need to start a new knitting tonight and I probably have more 2,5 mm needles somewhere (in fact, I know I do) but instead of taking ten minutes to find them, I spent a couple of hours finishing my work-in-progress to free up the needles. It might not have been the best use of my time, but I do have a finished knitting and that can never be a bad thing. Now I just have to graft this sock together and start my new project and all will be well.

Come to think of it though, I really need wooden needles for this…


Color ideas

Colors never ceases to amaze me. You never know when you find new insights and new ideas. The other day I saw these bobbinets and the pink and the red almost sang to me. Those two colors together would be so very pretty and I’m thinking shawls. Together with a nice neutral it could be an amazing three color shawl. Now I just have to find yarn in the same shades as these threads. It won’t be easy but I’m in no hurry, it’s an idea to bring with me, in the back of my head as I move forward with my knitting. One day I will find the right yarn and the shawl will be epic!

Pink progress

My pink baby sweater is moving forward, just sleeves and some buttons and then we’re home. I love knitting things for babies, it’s such a quick knit. (Except for hats, babies have such big heads.) The color variations made it even quicker but it will be interesting to see how the sleeves will turn out. I only have one yarn ball left so I’m guessing the sleeves will look very differently from one another,, possibly one grey and one pink. I guess that’s as good a way as any to learn to distinguish left from right. You have to begin early, I guess…

“Håll käften, jag räknar” – a review

I do enjoy a good knit lit. I’ve read my first in January 2009 so I’ve done it for a while. I’ve read funny stories about knitting, knitting humour, knitting crime novels, knitting drama and knitting romance novels. For my birthday this year I got some more knit lit, the first (?) ever Swedish knit lit: Håll käften, jag räknar (Shut up, I’m counting) by Julia Skott. She also has a knitting pod together with some friends – Rätt avigt – but I’ve never listened to it before. All in all, I’m more familiar with the English speaking knitting world than the Swedish one but after this I might consider changing that.

I enjoyed the book very much. In the beginning I found it a bit slow but it improved the more I read and the final chapters were very interesting and well written. Julia Skott mixes well known (to the knitting world) “facts” and ideas with her personal opinions and she philosophizes around knitting. For a new knitter, or a more experienced knitter who would like to expand her knitting world, this book is great, since it tells you and explains most aspects of the knitting world. For me there wasn’t much that stroke me as new, and in the beginning I thought Skott to perhaps be a little too influenced by the Yarn Harlot, but then again I’ve been reading said author regularly for about eight years, I have all her books and there isn’t much going on that she hasn’t spoken about before. Also, Skott mentions Yarn Harlot in the end and I figure, who wouldn’t be inspired by that wonderful woman?

No matter how much the Swedish knitting society is picking up, we are still years behind the English speaking one (our’s is also with a twist, we have our own knitting society with our own traditions and history which of course is reflecting in modern knitting but we can’t deny that a lot is happening overseas and a lot of it is great too) and this book is really something if you want to expand your knitting world or if you would like an introduction to the knitting world beyond. I know a lot of knitters who “doesn’t do computers” (direct quote) or who feels intimidated by patterns in English (funny enough, the most recent person who said that doesn’t think twice about bobbin lace patterns in Dutch, but I digress), or over all is a little bit afraid to go beyond their local yarn store and there is nothing wrong with that as long as they are happy with it. But for someone who feels limited by this, this book is perfect. It explains all you need to know, all things you might have seen and wondered about and I know that every knitter, no matter how experience they have or if they’ve just picked up a pair of needles once or twice, will find something in this book that they will recognize. That’s not the easiest thing to do but Skott manages it beautifully.

I will definitely start listening to the pod from now on.

BodyPump 100 – A smug post-work out post

I know this is a knitting blog but I’ve finished this week’s MKAL clue and I just have to tell you about the most important thing today. For months we’ve been working towards a certain goal. Today was the release of the 100th body pump choreography and our instructor has been drilling us for weeks and weeks with extra work outs just to hone our skills and technique.

It was a big event and we were nervous even though it was just a regular class. We had four instructors and the music was great, the choreography was fun and there was swag – a shoe bag and a water bottle, all with a logo. Yay!

I am super pleased with myself even though it actaully only was a regular work out with some special features. Who would have thought it could be this fun to lift weights? Now we’ll just keep doing the same thing for the next three months, but without features.

Three months towards an even stronger me.


You should never disregard your signature color

This time of the year color choices are essential. Blue is not a color for the months January to March and this year I’ve take that seriously. It all happened by chance actually but it seems I have no less than three pink projects going on the same time. First there is my current MKAL in a lovely shade of hot pink. I decided on the color back in October and I’m really enjoying it. Second I have my socks in different shades of pink. I picked pink since the socks are for my friend Emma and she also got a pink hat and a pink shawl this fall and she enjoyed that very much, she actually picked that color herself so I figured I couldn’t go wrong with pink socks (one can never go wrong with pink socks, that is one of the absolute truths in life). My latest project is a baby cardigan where I had the choice of picking gray with blue or gray with pink. Since it’s January I picked the pink one, and also because I thought that one the prettiest.

So here we are, three projects in pink. I like it. It also so happens that I’ve been planning on knitting pink for quite some time, doing a bit of a stash dash. I wouldn’t call it a yarn diet since I’ve never and will never believe in any diets what so ever, but space is limited in my stash right now and I’m sure there are many lovely yarns to come and it would be awesome if I can fit them. Hence, it’s okay if I use stash yarn. (I know I say that quite often in January but well, yeah, we’ll see.) For my three current projects only one uses stash yarn and that yarn was added recently (like September?). It still counts though, it’s stash yarn. I bought it to knit a baby sweater sometime if there were any babies coming up and well, there is one on the horizon and I’m using stash yarn. In pink. Let’s just hope the baby will like it as much as I do.

Time really is relative

My sock experiment continues well. It took me two hours and 40 minutes to reach the heel. I must say I apparentely knit much faster than I expected.

In three hours I had almost finished the heel flap. Unfortunately I forgot to look at the timer after I was done with the heel and the gusset and I also forgot to look after four hours but I have another sock that I can time as well.

The entire sock took 6 hours and 7 minutes to complete which was quite surprising. I had thought it would take me about 8 hours to knit a sock. This is a size 38 and that’s obviously nothing compared to a size 46, which is the size that most of the men in my family have. I might have to time another pair of socks as well, at least in my size, it feels a bit limited to know how much time a size 38 takes, since no one I knit for regularly has that size.

This should mean that a pair of socks takes 12 hours and a quarter which sounds like nothing when you know how much time a sweater takes (not that I’ve timed it but I know it takes more time than a pair of socks does) but still, think about it. 12 hours. That’s more than a working day. It’s a work day and a half. By that speed I should be able to finish three pairs of socks, i.e. a total of 6 socks, and get past the heel on a seventh sock in a work week. Since I do indeed do a lot of other things besides knitting during my week it’s quite impressing that I manage to squeeze so much knitting in. And to think I still find 6 hours quick!

One hour progress

I quite often get the question how long it takes me to knit something. I find it hard to answer. I am a fast knitter but more importantly, I am an efficient Knitter, I find knitting time pretty much everywhere. That means that if it takes three hours to knit a baby sock it will take me six days to knit a pair if I only knit for one hour each night. But I don’t, I throw in a quarter of an hour here, and a half hour there during the day and all of a sudden that pair is done in just two days or even less but it’s still the same amount of time.

The other day I was out drinking beer with some friends, friends who haven’t seen me knitting and therefore aren’t that aware of my obsession interest. I tried to explain it but it was hard, and the question came up, how long does it take to knit a shawl? Personally I find it irrelevant to know how long it takes to knit a shawl, not two shawls are alike and depending on the pattern and the size, it can take just about any amount of time. This is not easy to explain to a non-knitter though. Instead I estimated that it takes me 16 hours to knit a pair of socks and that’t what I said to my friends.

After I got home I started thinking though. Maybe I should actually time my sock knitting so that I have something to tell people when they ask? I had planned on a sock project for a while so why not take the opportunity? Today I cast on and the above progress represents one hour’s worth of knitting time. I probably should have picked a plain sock but I know the possibility of finishing will increase with a fun pattern. I took my regular one – Business Casual – one that I know well, and here we go. I’m very curious to how this will turn out.