The answer is domino


Apparently one new project wasn’t enough, last night this happened. This is a baby bonnet in the making. I do think the answer to my need of getting some knitting done is domino knitting. It’s quick, never more than 33 stitches on the needle and instant gratification in the form of progress. Domino knitting means that you make a square by simply decreasing two stitches in the middle of your row, every other row. Then you pick up new stitches along the first square and then you continue like this. It’s the same technique as in the blanket me and my mum made a couple of years ago.

Also, I got a new project bag which is simply delicious. I’m not sure about the yarn or the purple/dark green combination but I’m quite excited to see the finished bonnet.

30 rows in eight days


I’ve made a decision. Since it’s essential that I start the triangle of the Great Lace soon I figure I need a plan. Since the end of the border chart I’ve six rows in stockinette stitch, the 19 stitches of laurel leaf pattern and another five rows in stockinette stitch. That’s 30 rows. I have decided to make these 30 rows from Sunday to Sunday. Last Sunday I knit 10 rows, the six plain ones (under the pink lifeline on the picture) and four rows of the laurel leaf panel. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday meant another six rows altogether (those ten rows are above the lifeline). That’s 16 rows and we’re half way there. This might work and it would be lovely if it did. Fingers crossed!

Something portable


Right, so I know I said I should only concentrate on the Great Lace but I was weak and really I had to cast on something new. I mean, my MKAL is over and the next one doesn’t start until next week. The Great Lace is not portable and, you know, I do actually leave the house sometimes. I need knitting that is portable and that’s what this is.

GLP uppdate #8 – In which we take a moment to panic


So, the last few days I’ve been a little sick and tired with the lace. It’s just so much white lace. But I’ve been clinging on to it, working, working, because I knew I would soon be done with the border and could start the triangular shaping. This weekend I did it and I knew there were only 20-something rows of a different type of lace before I could start the triangle. The triangle, I thought, would go much faster. It gradually becomes bigger the more stitches I add but it will be quick. When I arrive at the beginning of the triangle, surly I would soon be done.


Ah, ye ignorant, innocent children! We started counting the stitches for the triangle, and the stitches of the top border. As it turns out those two combined are 256 000 stitches (212 000 sts if we only count the triangle). 212 000 stitches. That is a lot. That’s more than a lot. I know I’ve been pulling off 130 000 sts in a month before but remember, this lace is not portable at all as it is adjoined by a huge cone of yarn. When doing the NaKniMo I could bring knitting with me everywhere, with this I’m confined to the house.

It got even more demoralizing when it turned out that the remaining stitches are acutally more than the ones I’ve already done. Not by much but still. It has taken me seven months to get to this, now I have to do the other half in 100 days (preferably faster if I want to have time to block it (and let it dry) before the deadline).


This means that from now on there will be only kntting lace (and bobbin lace, I have 7,5 meters and only three meters to go but still, it needs to be done) in my life. I might have thought that there already only was knitting white lace but I was wrong. Now I will truly learn what knitting white humongous lace for a deadline really means. It will be pain and tears and anger but I still think it might work. Besides, 256 000 sts in 100 days are only 2560 sts per day. That’s totally doable. Right?

How about a cup of tea?


The blog is finally up and running again and I give you a beautiful tea cup (that may or may not be in my kitchen right now) to look at, together with a suggestion to have a cup of tea while waiting for a proper post to be published. It might take a little while but have patience (and tea) and enjoy the sun and the fact that since yesterday the days are now longer than the nights. See you soon!

The best vest


Remember how I was a bit sick of making sleeves, my nemesis, and that resulted in me making a slipover for little W? It was very cute and had like million ends to weave in (aka, I won’t be making that one again in a long time). But little W is a sneaky little cutiepie, he decided to grow, a lot, and before he had even worn it once, he outgrew the slipover.


Now, obviously I’m not offended by this. This happens, babies grow. But I didn’t like the idea of little W being without Auntie Ina knits. So therefore I decided to make a new one. The first try was not good (please don’t make me talk about it, not yet, I’m not ready) but the second one, the second one turned out nice.


It has lovely buttons and adorable pockets and little W looks very distinguished in it. Also, his parents love the vest and that’s all I could ask for. The best part: he didn’t grow out of it for several months.


Pattern: b21-8 Junior from DROPS design. Yarn: DROPS Baby Alpaca Silk from Garnstudio, color 3609 red.

Birthday card


I know I’ve talked about paper a lot but I haven’t really shown you anything so I figure it’s about time I did. A couple of weeks ago it was my friend Lyndsey’s birthday. Together with some presents (yarn – she’s a knitter too) I made this card for her. Green cardstock, a flowery paper, a simple brown one on top of that and and White paper to write on. A princess crown stamp and some rhinestones because she is a princess and some tea stickers because we drink a lot of tea when we see each other.


All of these things where stuff I had at home already, I just needed the inspiration to put them all together. I was looking through my scrapbooking stuff and found a green card and then I looked through my patterned papers and found a paper that worked well with the card and some brown paper that was a nice contrast to the pastell colored card and inspiration just poured over me and I found stickers and stamps and it was pretty obvious to me what I was going to make.


I used a brown envelope to make it all a little less cute and more stylish. I think it turned out pretty well. Happy birthday Lyndsey-bean!

Sock stop


I don’t know if you remember but in October I stated that I was going to knit a lot of socks. Well, in the end I only made three pairs but that was good work too. Since the Green Week last week the sun has been shining and spring is truly here so I figure I better show you the socks I made before it’s way too warm and sping-y to even think about hand knit socks.


Don’t mind the size, these ones are too small for me but they weren’t intended for me either so that’s okay. I’m just pleased I managed to make to similar socks out of self striping yarn. That’s acually a bit tricky but it turned out nice and I only needed one ball of yarn instead of two. Total win!


The only way you can tell these socks apart is the afterthought heel. One is yellow and the other is red. I thought that was a nice design element.


I then made another pair but was a bit disappointed in the yarn. I thought it would have more of a mix of white and pink, not all white in one place and all pink in another.


They were made the same way, with an afterthought heel, only used one ball of yarn and are too small for me but again, they are not intended for me so that’s okay.


Now, what to do with the left overs?


Pattern: I made it up as I went along.  Yarn: Järbo Garn mellanraggi, color 308 for the multicolored and 312 for the pink and white.

The Green End


It’s Sunday and it’s the end of our Green Week. As it happens green is also the last color in my seven bead color scheme for my lace which means that today I finished the third round of the color scheme for a total of 6.3 meters and 60% of the planned lace. I think that’s not bad for a Sunday and a pretty good end of our Green Week. I think it helped too, today was the warmest day of the year so far. Let’s hope it continues like this.