Airing out a Princess

Today was a special day where we got to bring some of our closest family and revisit the lovely mansion where got married three years and a few months ago. Not an anniversary or anything, just watering of plants, lunch and cake. My veil, my Princess shawl, got to come as well and we took the opportunity to take some Christmas-y pictures of Me Made. This is the first time that veil has gotten som use since the wedding, normally it lives in the freezer. Me Made wasn’t as amazed of that veil as would perhaps have been appropriate, but instead tried to eat it, but that’s fine. It survived and got to go back into the freezer again once safely returned home (the veil, not Me Made).

In search of decorations

I continue to collect Christmas decorations now that I don’t have that many at home. This was next to my table at the café I went to after work. Very cosy. I have brought up our candle holders from the basement but no one has had the time nor energy to put them up yet and with only two weeks till Christmas we need to hurry up if we’re going to get it done. We’ll see, it will be our little Christmas mystery.

Ginger bread house

This is amazing. The castle made out of gingerbread. This is the kind of window display that I love most but it also makes me a little sad. It’s beautiful, absolutely beautiful, and it looks like something straight out of The Nutcracker. But it also makes me think of stories like The Little Match Girl. This must have been the kind of window that she looked into and wished for warmth and something to eat. It looks so bright and warm and cosy and I can’t help but think of the ones who can’t have that.

There is another ginger bread house, or rather building. It’s the old library. It’s also beautiful and lovely. Now that I don’t really have the time nor energy, and I don’t really want to put the tree up now that Me Made puts everything in the mouth and is getting more and more movable for every day. Beautiful decorations isn’t really compatible with tiny children. We’ll just have to enjoy other trees and decorations this Christmas. And possibly the next one too.

Never Have I Ever…

I found this funny list by Dana Gervais (@danagervais) on Instagram. I got 5 points.

1. I knit my first pair of socks in early 2010. I’ve knit many more since then.

2. I knit the first sweater for myself in high school and the last sweater I knit was this spring. I’m sure there are more to come.

3. I have never steeked a project! 1 point.

4. I have knit with lace yarn. I’m currently knitting with lace yarn. I’m not fond.

5. I never use a cable needle, I find it easier without.

6. I have never accidentally felted a completed project. (Unless you count shrinking one.) 1 point.

7. I often ignore mistakes and continue knitting.

8. I don’t think I have bought yarn in the same color as I have in my stash but definitely the same kind. I have found yarn that I’ve thought I had never seen before and bought it only to come home and find I have that exact same brand in my stash.

9. Oh, so many.

10. I often put a needle in my hair and forget it. By now it’s usually the first place I look when I’m missing one.

11. I can’t promise it was through the back loop but I think it was. It was definitely 7 though.

12. I have never knit something for a pet. (Does a stuffed animal count?) 1 point.

13. Constantly. Although I do for sweaters and cardigans.

14. Again, constantly. I asked someone the other day if they were wearing a Hitchhiker. They weren’t. Or at least they didn’t know as they hadn’t knit that shawl for themselves. (Instead they started to explain to me how that shawl (who they hadn’t knit themselves) was made. Well, I kind of knew that, I identified the pattern in the first place.)

15. Yep. For example, I started this shawl 5 years ago. It’s still not finished.

16. I prefer charts.

17. Well, if I forget my knitting in the waiting room I don’t have a knitting anymore and we can’t have that. 1 point.

18. Of course! How else would on pass the time?

19. I have never knit with it but I have some in the freezer. I haven’t felt worthy yet. 1 point.

20. I have swatched with needles that size. I need up using 2.25 mm though.

Five points. Time to steek something, it seems.

One day

With my socks finished, or rather, just a block away, this old thing has gotten some love again. I’m a bit tired of it and why, oh why, did I invent such an ambitious design? I’m tired of lace weight and endless rows, I just want to be over with it. Normally, if I just put some effort into it, it would be finished in a few days, but these days, who knows. In February perhaps. It will be finished though, one day.


Yesterday this happened. Yep, that is one finished sock. I had hoped to maybe be able to finish it at knit night tomorrow and then I got to knit a bit and before I knew it I had one finished sock. It’s great of course, I’m really happy with it. But what am I going to knit at knit night?

First Sunday of Advent

It’s officially time. It’s advent and it’s officially okay to start basking in all the wonders that are Christmas. I have lit the first candle, we’ve put up our star in the window and I’ve had saffron buns and ginger bread. Me Made and I went out to brunch with friends and had a great time. Then we walked slowly through the city and looked at the lights and chatted with out friends (those last two might have been me, or rather, I think all of it was just me since Me Made doesn’t walk but rides in the stroller, and slept the entire walk and therefore neither looked at lights nor chatted with friends).

It’s simply been a great weekend and I hope the rest of December will be the same.

Warm back

Tomorrow is first of Advent and today Me Made and I went down to the storage room in the basement to get the decorations. The basement is chilly and it was a great opportunity to try out the vertebrae cardigan that I finished a little while ago. Me Made didn’t seem to mind it and was warm and cosy while in the basement.

The hem around the neck is a different color, and a different yarn, because Me Made’s arms are a bit longer than babies of the same age usually have so I didn’t have enough pink yarn left for the hem. I figure I wouldn’t anyway but this way I didn’t get any left overs either, which is good for the stash.

It’s simply a great cardigan when using a baby carrier, or when the baby is on its belly of course, but I thought of the baby carrier when I decided to make it. And it works!

Pattern: Baby Vertebrae by Kelly van Niekerk. Yarn: Ulrika from Svarta fåret, color 42, and Rios from Malabrigo, color Pearl. Mods: switched the kfb to M1.

Beautiful winter

Sorry for another post with the same view but I need to remember this. I took this picture yesterday morning and it was such a lovely sight. Later in the day we had some snow mixed with rain and the temperature rose and today all we have is rain and gloomy November skies. If that is a sign of how the rest of the winter will be, I will be sad. Therefore I prefer remembering this, the ice on the river, the frost on the ground, the cold and the pink skies. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a white winter.

Hats we remember

We’ve had a few cold days, finally. I’ve roamed my closet and pulled put my winter coat. I love it but it is getting a bit old. I’ve had it for many years now and it might be time to get a new one. A new coat means new knitwear to go with the coat, although I can’t say my current hat is really going with the coat either.

I made it last year and it’s lovely, especially since I found a pompom in the perfect shade of gray. Over the course of this coat though, I’ve had plenty of hats going with it. My first hat, made BB – before blog, was a gray and purple hat, a lovely hat and I loved it very much. It went missing one year though, and I don’t know where. I just couldn’t find it in the fall. It’s probably here somewhere but I haven’t seen it for years.

When that went missing I must have worn hats that were not hand knit for a while. I have lovely berets for example. In 2016 I made myself a new hat though but I lost that one last year. It was a good hat so that was sad but I got over it. If we never lost any knitwear, we would never have a reason to make new ones.

With a new coat I would have a chance to make new things though. A hat and some mittens, scarf I can always conjure from deep within my drawers. But a hat and mittens. I need mittens anyway because for some reason I can’t seem to find the ones I used last year. It seems evident I need a routine for where I put my winter clothes over summer. Maybe I’ll start one in the spring.

Pattern: Violet Hat by Yaroslavla Handmade. Yarn: Flumps Chunky from Ginger’s Hand Dyed, color Hot Fuzz. No mods.